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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 088 – An End to Competition? AEC not ACE?

Ace: To be the one, to serve an unanswerable shot, to be the top of your ‘game’. Putting myself way out there with this one today but it has been hanging around me for a while now and needs my attention. As if by magic and no such thing as coincidences, right? I wrote the start of this just after posting last weeks WWW. Now, today, thinking I would write about forgiveness, here I am seeing my notes and getting chills with confirmation as today the daily card is the Ace of Wands! Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Definition of competition: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/competition1: the act or process of competing; RIVALRY: such as a: the effort of two or more parties acting independently to secure the business of a third party by offering the most favorable terms contractors in competition for the contract to build the new school b: active demand by two or more organisms or kinds of organisms for some environmental resource in short supply the interspecies competition for food 2: a contest between rivals, a gymnastics competition, also : one's competitors faced tough competition. Wow, tough words here! Competing, rivalry, effort etc. Feeling exhausted just thinking about it! What causes us to be held in rivalry of others? Is it as simple as taking us back to when we found/find ourselves in a difficult way of living and it was/is an us or them situation? What powers us to be the victor rather than the ‘also ran’? Think about it, where do you feel that energy in your body? For me it is surely in my ego mind. It is through conditioning that I have learned this behaviour. Now imagine what life may be like if we remove competition from the world and just be! Allowing the natural flow of life, as nature, without egoistic interference.

Knowing there is life beyond this life gives us a hugely different perspective to how we live this human life. If we are fortunate enough to be nurtured in that way, in knowing this from an early age, then we have no need for competition. However, many of us will have experienced the harsh ‘realities’ of being human and the lives that we live both independently and through our family and peers. As much as we are born with free will, we are conditioned to ‘think’ we have to be a certain way rather than allow ourselves to be us. COMPETITION = 36475292965=58=13=4 RIVALRY = 9941397=42=6 EFFORT = 566692=44 =8 ACE = 135=9This does not resonate with me as flowing in numerology, yes it has a pattern – all things do.. The summations are all different energies. Can we feel the negative energy that flows within the act of competition? It was an old way and has no place in the new. The new way is to celebrate, to support. To value self that allows us to then know the value of others. Not through competition but through love. Love of self that begets (brings forth) love of others. CELEBRATE 353529125= 35=8 SUPPORT 1377692 = 35=8 and in this flow EFFORT = 566692=44 =8 Therefore effort for the right reasons is okay but not for competition.

This love is about compassion, care, nurturing, indeed the way of Mother Mary, our archetypal mother figure. Not in how she lived her human life per se for she suffered, but the energy of what she now represents in the bigger aspect of life and living – in love. We truly can learn from the suffering of ourselves and that of others, and how that suffering has made a new way of living possible for us all. To do this though we need to release the old energies of needing to be better than others, the energy of competition and war. What good have these energies really brought us, other than enable us to come to the realisation that they are not where we want to be? Free will, our choice, we decide.

We make no blame, no judgement on those who still want to live that way, that is their choice, but we can embrace the beauty of life, an ease of living that comes from releasing that old energy from our lives.

Can you imagine a world without sport, or at least sport in the way it has been i.e. victory at all cost? Can we look beyond the surface level and go deeper, to see the true cost of these ‘games’ in life? The hidden costs that have been overlooked e.g. despair, lack of value/worth, fear and angst to name just a few. Is today the day we start to see competition not through the eyes or drive to be a victor but to have compassion for all those that have suffered defeat? Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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