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Wednesday Weekly Wisdom - 110 Beyond Patriarchy

Missing in action or should that be missing, inaction! It has been a while my lovelies and I have been moved today to write and share so here I am hoping that I find you all in the best of health and spirit.

Today (Tuesday 12th) I listened to x 3 /watched the YouTube post from Caroline Myss with Matthew Fox, The Masculinity No One is Talking About. It runs for sixteen minutes and, yes, it is an introduction to a course via Reflections Parallel, Beyond Patriarchy.

I decided to share this when I heard Matthew say: “Tell the stories that save and heal.

This runs so close to my heart through my known purpose of 'bringing the light' and that the time is now to lift out of the heavy patriarchal energies that crucify our world.

Talking of Patriarchy, Matthew calls it ‘faux masculinity,’ he tells us that we can move beyond this into that which is as healthy feminism does and what the Mystics were all about; genius at non-dualism. “The next chapter of Feminism is that we help our brothers and work on ourselves too, to bring the sacred masculine in and to exit this patriarch aversion to masculinity.” He goes on to explain how culture has been using men, as it has been using women, in power over instead of passion with – compassion.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) wrote to Emperors and Popes saying: ‘You are not paying attention to Lady Justice you are surrounded by evil - acting like a baby.’ Matthew tells us that true manliness is virtuous inner strength. Healthy cultures have taught this in the past. It can be developed within oneself and culture. Schooling and education could be teaching values like this. Einstein said: ‘I abhor American education. We have been given two gifts, our rational mind and the gift of our intuitive mind. But all of education in America is devoted to the rational mind but values don’t come from the rational mind, they come from the intuitive mind and the rational mind should serve the intuitive mind.’

My own view is that fear is an enemy to virtue. We are taught fear, not virtue, because it works to the agendas of those who wish to manipulate the populace, the few 'in charge' of the many. Matthew continues to share how the reptilian mind responds. When he said this I was transported to those who believe there are reptilian aliens here on earth. They might not be so far wrong but in my opinion they see the aliens as creatures from another planet rather than the humans that are totally engaged in their reptilian mind. What we believe exists!

Hope you take time to listen to the full vlog for yourself and see what it awakens in you. I would be interested to know. Access it at:

Holding you all in love and gratitude, Patricia xx

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