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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 107 – Home Territory Familiarities

No matter how long I have been gone from ‘home’, each return has the familiarity of knowingness. I am starting to write this on Tuesday the 15th of June 2021, 15 = 6. Today would be my dads 105th birthday; another power of 6. Today’s card reading is the Six of Swords. 24 the day of my birth, also a power of 6. Today I am in my sister’s house – number 7 and today’s WWW is 107 = 8. This is saying to me that life goes on; we can get stuck in the past but the natural way of life is to flow forwards. Also, today, at the Hour of Grace, there were six in attendance as I joined = 7 then Miguel joined = 8 - thank you Angels for this confirmation which I receive in great joy and humility.

Hartfell looking west - Devil's Beef Tub. Image from Wikipedia

There is a warmth in my being when I think of my association in this place of my birth – not that it was always a walk in the park or happy, I moved away when I was 15 years old [6]! But deeper than those surface things, energetically, I am here even though I find myself many miles away. There is a song called the Green Hills o’ Annandale written by a school chum from way back, Lionel McLelland (RIP), that captures this energy that lies within me.

Green Hills o’ Annandale The green hills o’ Annandale/ are dearer tae me/ Than awe the fine scenery/ In lands ower the sea The dawn in the mornin’/ The nicht draws its veil/ You’ll ae find enchantment/ In fair Annandale. Fae famous De’ils Beef Tub/ To Solway’s bricht shore/ You’ll no find its equal/ The whale warld o’er When summer is ower the land/ And saft winds prevail/ Nae bird sings sae sweetly/ As in fair Annandale. [douce, douse = sweet gentle loveable, respectable ] The douce folks o’ Annandale/ Say kind and sae liel [loyal]/ They’ll ae mak’ ye welcome/ An ae wish ye weel You’ll find hospitality/ An frien's that never fail/ An ye’ll ae feel a cheer at hame/ In fair Annandale. And when I ha’e come/ To the end o’ my days/ I hope that you lay me/ On Annan’s green braes I ask naethin’ better/ At the end o’ the trail/ Than to sleep with my ain folk/ In fair Annandale / An to sleep wae my ain folk in fair Annandale.

As it was Dad’s human birthday we took some flowers to the cemetery and it was my first visit since Mum passed over last September (I was stuck in Spain due to the pandemic). There was a delight in seeing the blanket of forget-me-nots that carpeted the pathway below the grave and the acknowledgement that they would not be forgotten.

Retracing my steps, my visit to Carlisle was fleeting insomuch as the days disappeared so quickly. It took the weekend to get settled in and catch up with my friend and resident cat, JJ aka Princess Furball. Another friend who is a great cook, I was given the works with the Sunday roast dinner and many memories of past Christmases and weekends enjoyed. During her days off we worked on ‘dressing’ the back yard, that was ready to go, having had been whitewashed during lock-down and some fake grass sourced for the bottom end. A power-wash of the top end soon lifted the winters grime and was a picture perfect stage for the pots that were filled over the next few days as flowers were bought. The solar lights sparkled like jewels the first night, to our great surprise; it had been an exceptionally sunny day and it didn’t take the 48hours expected to charge.

Holiday Monday I had a day out with a couple of my spiritual friends and we travelled to the Tibetan Monastery, Samye Ling but, unfortunately, even the grounds were closed off to visitors. A chance encounter told us of two Mesolithic stone circles back down the road so off we went and had our picnic there. It was a huge joy to be enveloped once more by the Scottish countryside and the familiarity of the nature of my childhood. Suzanne chimed her singing bowl whose song was picked up on the wind and expanded. I led a guided meditation that took us back to ancestral times and those who would have frequented this place – very powerful.

A new place for me to visit in Carlisle was the Cake and Ale café. What a delightful place both inside and out.; such a beautiful garden and setting. Another meeting of friends old and new as we discussed Eckhart Tolle and their want to gain more than just reading the book. Able to share my passed experience from having been in a group that workshopped it, they are now going to meet regularly to do this. Look forward to joining them when I am next in Carlisle.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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