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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 108 –Summer Solstice Blessings

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak from Pixabay

On Monday the 21st this week we celebrated the annual summer solstice (longest day) in the northern hemisphere. Many see this as a downward turn towards the end of the year whereas I like to think of it as the time of growth that takes us up to the harvest months later on in the year. However we personally see it, it does affect us in that we either ‘employ’ positive or negative energy to the situation; there are others who pay it no heed whatsoever. What has been proven by science is that both negative and positive mindsets do impact on us, and therefore if we are conscious of this we can improve our quality of life by using positive thought processes as we would eat fruit and vegetables; the five a day suggested intake that also makes for a healthier lifestyle.

Image by Witchgarden from Pixabay

This marking of time is a natural phenomena that has been embraced by humanity in their ongoing efforts to understand how best to live on our planet. We have many structures across the world that tie in to the movement of the planets and how our earth revolves around the sun; how that affects the world. How can we in this fast paced world, temporarily slowed, embrace the energy of ‘now’ to assist us in our lives? As many of my last weeks daily card readings suggested, it is all about perception and how we choose to see things. This includes learned behaviours of listening to, and believing in, the voice of others over the knowingness that we all have access to within us, should we choose to engage with it.

It has been the power of the few that have through their dominance directed the peoples of this world. Most often, it appears, from an ego driven mindset that they believe they know better. It would seem that it has always been to their benefit and not for the good of all – there is no profit in that. Or is there? What was I just saying about perception! The energy of now for me is about personal power, not to be used over others, but to be embraced compassionately for the good of the earth on which we live on rather than the greed of those who appear to have slight regard for our ‘birth mother’ (earth) and people. This amazing planet offers us so much, enabling us to live this human life and how do we repay it? Having lived through the rise of tyrannical financially driven businesses, the one size fits all approach to life and in living from these mind based beliefs we have taken the heart out of life and living. They have steadily built up this way to live life that disregards the needs of others, they focus on the good of a few and then encourage us to think that there is something wrong with us if we don’t ‘follow suit’! Yes, the ‘suits’ of this world have drained our individual resources that have led to many illnesses that have further dragged us down into a hell of life on earth.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

With the current situation, many have had the chance to have been removed from the ‘hamster wheel’ and experience a different way of being. Given the chance many will want to return to their previous way of living life on earth and I make no judgement on that if this is what they want. However, I do question if they really fully understand what this means to life, to living and to the planet on which we live? The fast paced mind driven ‘now’ way of living is bleeding the life out of our planet with no care of what happens tomorrow. Is now the time to question this destructive way of living life? Is now the time to ensure that the future truly matters and has to be incorporated into all decisions that are made? Where we ensure that we individually do what we can to bring about this change of energy that will assist in sustaining our ‘home’. Have we not had enough of the ‘throw away’ culture that is a financially driven way of making money for some at the expense of the greater population of this earth? I am not saying that you have to agree with me, what I am asking you to do is to think about it and share with me, with your family, with your friends, colleagues and acquaintances your views about this.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

It starts with us individually – we all can make a difference one person at a time. This is my way of trying to do what I can in the only way I know how. I am not asking for people to believe that they have to live in poverty but I do question the kind of abundance people believe they have a right to. My question with this is – at the expense of who else? In my mind it should never be at the expense of another insomuch as when they are unable to have their basic needs of life met. There are many things in this life denied to the populace because it effects the profit of a few. Today I say enough is enough and wonder if there are others who feel the same? A change of season is upon us.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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1 Komen

21 Jul 2021

Yes, lovely @Patricia Jean Fleming, I am totally aligned with you. I love unlearning patterns, observing the surrounding and how it affects me and how I am impacting it. I love to learn/unlearn to be Who I Am with you and like-minded others in PiMOV, I love to share open hearted to explore and then to experience what it means to be, respecting everyone else with their choices wherever they are in their path. There’s certainly still so much to unlearn/learn and to let go! But I believe that it’s about practicing observation and response. We are the sole responsibles for the change we want to see. It starts with us, through our willingness to continue practicing to be wh…

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