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Meet patricia

Born in the Lowlands of Scotland, life has taken me on varied journeys both physical and spiritual, which have led me to the shores of the Mediterranean where I currently live. This website is another dream being realised on my life journey

Before leaving the UK, I presented Mediumship to Spiritualist Churches in the North West of England and South West of Scotland.  I also provided Spiritual Development classes for beginners and was involved in voluntary evenings of Mediumship for charitable causes.

Since moving to Barcelona I have built many friendships through Meetup groups and run my own Guided Meditation sessions where the journeys are guided by Spirit and messages shared.

I have been described as a happy, smiley person who brings good things to other people and I love that. Most of the time I am that very positive and fun loving person – like everyone I have my ‘human’ moments. People have said that my essence walks before me into a room and that everyone who comes in contact with me will pick up on my warmth and vitality. Life has had its challenges but these are all part of living the human life and have helped me to grow and learn. Thankfully I’ve experienced successes along my life path in many shapes and forms and am very grateful for that.

I had never experienced the real joy of being me, until I connected with my inner spirit through opening myself to engage in Spiritual Development classes and indeed ‘graduated’ through time and teaching to discover this wondrous place. 

From somewhere, when I was in my greatest need, I was blessed with the strength to come through and have always been grateful for the ‘spark of energy’ that visited with me and helped me at those times. Through Development I could look back and see many occasions in my life that had never made sense then, but do now.

My life has changed considerably since learning to love myself from the heart (not the ego). Accepting people now for who and what they are, without trying to change them, and accepting that it is necessary to put me first. During one of my Guided Meditation classes I was given the image of being on an aeroplane watching the safety presentation and was asked “What happens with the oxygen mask?” Yes, that’s it, you look after yourself first, and then you are in the best position to help others.

This ‘knowing’ gave me a strength of self-empowerment that I had never recognised in myself. It is not ego driven or abusive but open and honest. What I do, you can do too. You can learn the processes as anyone learns a ‘trade’. There is room in the world for everyone who wants to follow this path, for there will always be people who choose a different way of life. 

I’ve always been a ‘cup half full’ person rather than the negative ‘half empty’ and this has also come forward in my Guided Meditations and Card Readings. There is no need to bring horror or hurt into anything ‘otherworldly’ there is enough of that in life itself! Some may accuse me of looking at life through rose tinted glasses, but, you know what, it works for me – I’ve never been happier and as long as I am not causing anyone distress or hurt, then I will stand by my ‘knowing’ that what I do is a positive addition to life on earth. It is not dictated but offered up for you to choose whether you want to try it or not. I truly feel blessed to be able to do this work and to bring upliftment to the lives of people who need it, troubled souls and those interested in embarking on this journey of discovery themselves.

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