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"Patricia’s readings are one of the many ways Spirit speaks to us as we travel our path home. She is a mighty companion along the way, lifting us up with her light and her joy. The guidance that comes through her from Spirit in her readings is a clear and reaffirming pointer to our own inner knowing of who we truly are."

Coralie Pearson,

Spanish translator of 
A Course of Love

Before leaving the UK, I was one of a few people who would volunteer to give Card Readings at Charitable Events. We offered fifteen minute slots and would do them back to back before the Clairvoyance demonstrations and again in the break, then at the end. They were well supported events and I was happy to give my time to them, doing something I enjoyed and helping charities at the same time.

Card readings bring me great joy in being able to share the messages to those seeking guidance. I currently favour the Shadowscapes deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore. These cards are beautifully illustrated and a delight to work with.

My card readings are done by Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp etc.

For my prices email me at  


Daily card readings

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'I knew Patricia in a specially sensitive time of my ‘dark night of the soul’. Her advice and comments working with the energies brought me very much spiritual relief, understanding and accuracy where I was not able to reach.

To request her services means her psychic abilities, gentle heart and communication skills among others will help you in your spiritual journey or situation.

Always a lot of inner work to do with that information, I found in Patricia the ideal messenger with this world of energies sometimes so subtle and difficult to interpret. God bless her with all my love and light!'


Thanks again for your reading.  I am still blown away by it and I am pleasantly surprised by it too.  I am inspired by you by the way you surrender, trust and are fully guided by Spirit and you have given me more confidence and faith in my own ability to live my life by trusting Spirit. It was so nice to meet you even if it only by Skype!


I am not a stranger to readings and the reading I had with Patricia was one of the best I have had in a long time.  It was really on point!  The subjects she raised were very relevant to where I am in my life journey and her guides gave me some great advice.  Some of the advice I received I was already conscious of, but it felt really good to get a few reminders.

Just a few days later I bought a new oracle deck, my first reading confirmed again what Patricia had talked about with me.  In particular, going with the flow in life, not resisting my natural journey and going for the dream!

I would highly recommend Patricia and her guides, especially if you are looking for clarity, insight and advice on where you are in your journey.


Thank you, Patricia, for a very interesting card reading.  Very exciting and unexpected information. I am now looking forward to the future with more hope and calmness.

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