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Overview for my Daily Readings - Queen of Pentacles: I was very happy to see this lovely card as guidance for my venture. Although these Shadowscapes Tarot cards have Major (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards), that is where my interpretation of them finishes preferring to share my reading of the illustrations of these cards as I see them for the day as guided. I am happy to suggest you check out Biddy Tarot online where you may find more details applicable to you today based on the traditional explanations of Tarot. Sometimes I may be guided to use other packs that I have which are Oracle cards – they do not have Arcana sets

As the cards will be a general reading for anyone who drops by to look at them, then I am sure they won’t have that ‘wow’ factor that direct personal readings can give you. However, I would ask you to open your mind to areas of your life that you may not have considered as needing assistance or support and this is where the messages will surely fit – especially if you are new to readings. This can be developed by going back to these the day after and reflecting on the day you had and how these would fit.  I can only give out what I receive to share with you. It is a tool to assist you in your day to day life e.g. like you put a jacket on before you leave the house to keep out the cold. I love the saying ‘fore warned is fore armed’ and if we can be in receipt of anything that helps us have a more comfortable life then why not?

What the Queen of Pentacles says to me as I start my journey of working with this website:
Like an aged tree you have your roots deeply connected to Mother Earth while you allow your connection to the Universe to flow. The illustrated Sun and the Moon (Universal Energies) are there to guide you, and, as you were recently given, astrology will feature in your way ahead.

You have all the tools you need (crystal ball symbolically as I don’t use one), to garner (gather/reap) the wisdom of the ages. Your avenues of sharing will be many-fold such as the branches and twigs of the tree. You know you are in the right place and this is the right time to pursue this growth.

You are a guiding light and have the opportunity to embrace your soul purpose, that of Messenger.

Card readings bring me great joy in being able to share the messages to those seeking guidance. I currently

favour the Shadowscapes deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore. These cards are beautifully

illustrated and a delight to work with.

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Daily card readings


Coralie Pearson, Spanish translator of A Course of Love

Patricia’s readings are one of the many ways Spirit speaks to us as we travel our path home. She is a mighty companion along the way, lifting us up with her light and her joy.


The guidance that comes through her from Spirit in her readings is a clear and reaffirming pointer to our own inner knowing of who we truly are.


Thanks again for your reading.  I am still blown away by it and I am pleasantly surprised by it too.  I am inspired by you by the way you surrender, trust and are fully guided by Spirit and you have given me more confidence and faith in my own ability to live my life by trusting Spirit. It was so nice to meet you even if it only by Skype!


I am not a stranger to readings and the reading I had with Patricia was one of the best I have had in a long time.  It was really on point!  The subjects she raised were very relevant to where I am in my life journey and her guides gave me some great advice.  Some of the advice I received I was already conscious of, but it felt really good to get a few reminders.

Just a few days later I bought a new oracle deck, my first reading confirmed again what Patricia had talked about with me.  In particular, going with the flow in life, not resisting my natural journey and going for the dream!

I would highly recommend Patricia and her guides, especially if you are looking for clarity, insight and advice on where you are in your journey.


Thank you, Patricia, for a very interesting card reading.  Very exciting and unexpected information. I am now looking forward to the future with more hope and calmness.

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