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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 109 – Adapting to Change

On my current path or journey I am being given an opporchancity (just a little bit of fun Scottish colloquialism) or should I say opportunity to experience a certain amount of stability within regular change. It is, I believe, teaching me to embrace the now and its power therein as so beautifully shared by Eckhart Tolle in his Power of Now publication. ‘To make the journey into The Power of Now we will need to leave our analytical mind and its false created self, the ego, behind. From the beginning of the first chapter we move rapidly into a significantly higher altitude where one breathes a lighter air, the air of the spiritual. Although the journey is challenging, Eckhart Tolle offers simple language and a question and answer format to guide us.. . Eckhart Tolle is not aligned with any particular religion but does what all the great masters have done: shows that the way, the truth, and the light already exist within each of us.

How much easier would living on earth be if we all knew, for sure, of the great energy of ‘life’ that lives beyond this human experience and within us? How that would change so much of the current destructive elements that make life so difficult for us to exist in peace and harmony. Some have believed that this knowledge in itself would be destructive to the everyday human and yet, in their secrecy of this supposedly ‘Pandora’s box’, in my mind they have impacted negatively on the lives of millions.

There has always been a driving energy within me that would resist, baulk at any suppression or oppression of others that I witnessed. We discussed this the other evening in the Positive impact Movement that I am a member of and it led to an awakening within me. In talking this through at our Wednesday nights 'Walking Together' I was able to see a learned behaviour of championing others where it wasn’t my ‘place’ to do so. As much as I knew it didn’t come from my ego self, my thinking mind, for I could feel it within my body, it was clearly an energy that has always been within life and living. Therefore, I could now see it as a somewhat hidden egotistical notion disguised as ‘not ego’. The wonderful thing about learned behaviours is that they can be unlearned. That day I started this new unlearning. Initially it was difficult for me to come to peace with this but I really felt it. Felt the deception of my being. Felt the ‘old’ energy of what was that feeling. Realised the faith and trust necessary to simply be ourselves, others to be themselves, and in that being allowing that energy to seep out into the world consciously. All really is truly well.

But what about freewill? Does this take that option from us? I do not believe it does. It is, in my mind, a step further into consciousness and freedom of being. I would really love to hear your feelings about this as it seems that it may be a bit contentious. I can already hear the ‘what if’s’ stacking up and yet it really fits with me and my progression into a deeper awareness of being where ‘nothing really matters!’ Can we imagine a world in that kind of energy? How different it would be to spend all of that energy previously directed into the negative issues into positivity, caring and sharing, being one world unit where no one suffers. For me the New World is not about suffering. It is continued learning and being but in a new consciousness. I can see that it will take generations to come into being but then the industrial revolution didn’t happen overnight and Rome wasn’t built in a day!

We are all individually guided to play our part in this transformation, should we choose to do so. For that is our freewill. I put myself forward for this journey having been through my ‘dark night of the soul’ experience and my surety that there was a better way to live in this world than that what I had experienced. I went through that experience because it was what I believed life was about, that we learned through suffering. How wonderful to put that old adage to bed and truly believe that we can let it go.

Today’s tarot card in my daily readings is Death/Phoenix Rising. The Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A. E. White says of this card: . . . The natural transit of man to the next stage of his being either is or may be one form of his progress, but the exotic and almost unknown entrance, while still in this consciousness and the passage into a state to which ordinary death is neither the path nor gate.’ Today I see this as more than individuals, as humanity as a whole. Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

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