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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 084 – New Beginnings and Synchronicities

Thought my WWW,s had up and left me but today, Friday, I am moved to share my day so far with you and how I have been feeling and receiving.

This morning I was moved to listen to Wonder Girl on YouTube: A WISH GRANTED. New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius December 2020 Astrology Horoscope (1hr8mins)

I find her huge effervescent enthusiasm a little difficult to listen to but the more I listen the easier it gets. It is worth it as she has an amazing knowledge and intuitive sharing of information that can truly assist us to be here now and understand why certain energies are ‘paying us a visit’ i.e. coming around us.

I made a voice recording of the way I was feeling because it was so strong - this is what I said: WOW!!! Just wow! I can almost feel the sparks coming off of me this morning. I stopped the video above to go and get a coffee and when I came back I said ‘ok Wonder Girl, what do you want to tell me?’ Started replaying the video and she said: ‘Congratulations, you’ve made it!’ Prior to that I was thinking about my daily tarot card readings and tonight’s one that I am writing for tomorrow is The Tower. I had been ‘thinking’ that The Tower would be a better card for Monday because that is the New Moon full Solar Eclipse and was encouraged to look and see what card I have for Monday, and it is of course ideal for that day - Ace of Swords! New beginnings, new moons are new beginnings, solar eclipse is new beginnings and major energy with this one as it is a full eclipse. The GMT time which all the timings in the world work off i.e. the central point of time, is 16:16 for the new moon =14 = 5 in numerology. Monday is the 14th therefore also 5 and fives are about change. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I just love being in this energy, this different way of being, absolutely love it! You have to know that this is not a one off but that the synchronicities that have been showing themselves to me of late seem to have taken on a new energy as indeed life is taking on a new energy.

‘Synchronicities: A Sure Sign You're on the Right Path: Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. . . . Jung believed that synchronicities mirror deep psychological processes, carry messages the way dreams do, and take on meaning and provide guidance to the degree they correspond to emotional states and inner experiences. . .’

Image by Vicki Nunn from Pixabay genie-lamp-1129640

Wonder Girl starts her video stating that she thinks this new moon is all about us finally being rewarded for all of our struggles and hardships that we have been through since April of 2019 and possibly longer. She goes on to say that we have an opportunity to have a wish granted, a dream come true which opens a new way ahead for us. I will let you listen to the rest yourself - please note you can listen to videos on YouTube without having to make a payment to YouTube. When watching a video, where it says ‘subscribe’ in the text next to likes, share etc. then this just keeps a record for you of the ‘channel’ that you are interested in e.g. Wonder Girl Channel.

Then through my ruminating I heard the song Caravans by Barbara Dickson playing in my head and specifically the line ‘ I don’t know where I am going, but I am going! I am currently in year five of what I was guided to know that I would be here in Spain for five years, and, as the song says, I don’t know where I am going, but I am going. As Wonder Girl told me 'Congratulations, you've made it! I’m on a roll here too for the next song suggested to me is: In the arms of an Angel! One can surely dream of such things . . . ;-)

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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