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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 083 – Sleepy-itis

How are you all doing this week? As you can see from the title I have been feeling exceptionally sleepy. I also had a headache at some point during the week

(I rarely get headaches) then learned about the earthquake in Turkey and Greece :-( Mother earth can only take so much ‘lying down’ without having to flex now and again. As above, so below! With the ‘non’ result in the USA I wonder what flexing will be felt in the coming weeks.

When we live busy lives it is easy to blame any tiredness on the normal day to day stresses of life. Now I am semi-retired, I get to experience and understand in a different way. Since I became interested in astrology many years ago, but didn’t pursue it to any great lengths (it is hugely complex) I was aware of the power of the moon and how it moves the tides. It seems logical to me that being a large percentage of water ourselves, that it can also influence us (actual figures seem to vary so I won’t quote any but it is in the high end of the figure).

My rising sign is Cancer, a water sign, in fact I have mostly water energy in my ‘make up’ my chart has a nice balance of 3 air and 3 earth with only 2 fire. We can use this information to understand ourselves better. One size surely does not fit all. So, when we hear someone saying they don't believe that the moon has any effect on humans then they probably don’t have a lot of water energy in their chart.

This recent full moon on 31st October was a ‘Bobby dazzler’ with its strong energies being felt days before and after. It coincided with other occurrences both planetary and festivity wise adding to the power. Thankfully it was balanced with it being a micro moon i.e. furthest away from the earth in its trajectory – so glad it wasn’t a super moon, I think I would have locked myself up for a week. No I don’t howl, I have learned to supress that emotion on a full moon ;-).

Our bodies are like antennas. We have an energy that exists around our human bodies (Aura) that is sensitive in non ‘body’ ways. It is something we feel but not through touch. It can also appear as a ‘knowing’. Just don’t try and explain that to someone who has most of the planets in the earth signs lol. One of my memories of knowing things, was in the maths class at school. The teacher, bless him, would get extremely agitated that I couldn’t explain how I knew the answers. Me in my naivety assumed everyone was aware of things without knowing the details!

We can develop an intuitive way of being that knows when someone might call through thinking about them ‘out of the blue’. This can be seen more in animals. Our family cat used to sit on the window watching for us coming home, not just as kids from school but even as adults when we would visit. Usually around half an hour before we would arrive, Mum would know we were on our way as the cat positioned itself to ‘watch out for us’.

I also had a wonderful intuitive relationship with my Mum that drove Daddy Ben (Step-dad) up the wall. When we talked about things we didn’t need to finish sentences and Ben would only hear half a story where Mum and I were in full harmony. You know that lovely way when you can work around someone and it flows like a well-choreographed ‘dance’. That’s the flow of being that I am writing about here.

So, it is no surprise that I end up being a Medium and communicating to an energy that exists outside of our humanness. My ‘stars’ are placed so that this was a probable journey I would make; should I use my free will and allow it to be so. Since I have, it has been the most amazing journey of my life and one I hope to experience for many more years to come.

Yesterday, even though I was feeling wiped out, I had the energy (when it was needed) to carry out an annual card reading for one of my customers which was a joy from start to finish. The more connected the person is, the deeper the connection I can make and this was just so beautiful that at the end I remarked that it felt like I had just read a wonderful novel. I am so happy to be able to do this and share it where it is wanted and needed. Everybody is capable of doing this but don’t choose to and that’s ok. That is the multi-faceted beautiful world we live in. I prefer to have someone cook for me than cook myself, I get no joy from it. We need to embrace our differences and celebrate them as being pieces of the wonderful jigsaw of life.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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