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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 079 – On the Road part 3

Our first stop over in Capçanes had us parked up on the main street where a suitable space presented itself to us and we took it. This is another small village but with a station that connects it to the major cities. It is located in the comarca of Priorat. Wikipedia tells us that ‘the term ‘comarca’ is derived from the term marca, meaning a "march, mark", plus the prefix co-, meaning "together, jointly".’ As I hail from the borders of Scotland I have frequently heard the word ‘march(es)’, especially through the many yearly celebrations held in the towns along the border with England.

We were one down in our company as Jordi had left us in Bellmunt so the three of us took a walk through the town and found a nice square with a bar where we had a few beers before calling it a night. The next day Toti arranged a meeting with the Mayor who agreed to Toti and the circus family doing a show for the town. We would be returning. Before we left, we had an interesting trip to look at a local house that was for sale. Three point turns around a hairpin bend on a dirt track that was on a steep incline was not my idea of fun. Still, the place was interesting and could have been a wonderful retreat for someone wanting to live a quiet life. That night we headed to Els Guiamets and pulled into a huge empty parking area as the sun was setting. What a beautiful drive and scenery.

The morning view was a delight. I took my cup of ginger tea down to the picnic area and sat and stared at the beauty of the view that was before me, pulling tears of joy from the corner of my eyes. How wonderful to be able to experience natures beauty and have the time to enjoy it. We stayed here three nights before heading back to Capcanes but before then Maiders Brother and Wife arrived on the afternoon of the second day to collect her. We enjoyed a picnic together which they had brought with them and then we all piled into their car and headed on a wonderful road-trip around roads that we would not have been on in the Dream Warrior. We ended up in Montsant, it felt like the top of the world. It was dark by the time we got back so we said our farewells and bunked down for the night.

Next morning was a lazy one. I lay down on one of the benches down in the picnic area under an olive tree and rested a bit more. I then took myself of for an exploratory walk down to the water. There was a bit of a path and today I had my walking sandals on as opposed to my flip flops the other day that only took me so far before I sensibly retraced my steps. It turned out the bit I didn’t previously do was the worst bit of the path and it got easier after that. I found some concrete steps that led up to some buildings but decided, rather and explore further, to sit down on them as they afforded me a great view of the dam. There was more steps down from where I was and it looked as if you could walk across it to the other side but I left that for another day. The joy was in sitting there in the heat of the day watching the swallows and other birds flying around and just watching the water reflecting the sky. So peaceful. The air so wonderful with the warm wind that was blowing around me. I watched two cartoon clouds skidding across the sky, changing in shapes from animals to the loch ness monster then dragons and finally a koala bear. Love cloud watching.

In the afternoon I took myself another walk into the village for a mint tea in the upstairs bar area we had been to a few times since arriving here.

I bought a big bottle of water and headed of on a further explore that took me down past the swimming pool and eventually to the buildings associated with the dam. Unfortunately I couldn’t see a pathway from there to the dam so I had to retrace my steps. It had been mostly downhill which meant my walk back was all uphill and it was very hot but I had my water with me and enjoyed the exercise.

Looks like this is going to extend into a part four so more next week.

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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