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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 074 – Loving and Living

Loving the synchronistic power at play that brings me to write about this today rather than that which I had thought I would be sharing. [How often do I hear myself say that?] This weekend past I have been in a love bubble. I have been honoured to be part of A Course Of Love [ACOL] translators gathering for a second year. This year online, but nonetheless embracing and nurturing. Through our hearts we are sharing creation in whatever way is in our ability to do so.

There is an increase in sharing being channelled through many sources now. I am able to understand this as in my past, through my spiritual development, I questioned why so many mediums brought through different messages. The answer is within our individual uniqueness and therein our different reach to many other souls living out their current life journey. It can be through fear that we question these different ‘transmissions’ but when we are able to open our hearts and trust, then we can receive the knowingness of it .

When we open our hearts individually, then we will know that which is not true. It is not for us to encourage more fear around non-truth but to send love and light to all situations of this existence; to lift the energy into the new way of being.

This morning, through the open heartedness of a dear lady and medium that has been part of my journey, the channelled words of William Michael Forbes have come into my knowing and my open heart as the many confirmations I have received through this. Continued affirmation of all that is. It is always our individual free will that allows us to choose that which we receive in this life and if you are reading this then you have consciously or unconsciously chosen to hear/read these words.

truth- Image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Fifty five minutes in to the video, William speaks: ‘ . . . but please understand and learn how to make the distinction between that which is right, that which is truthful, and that which is false. It is important that you learn to make that distinction for this is the only way that you will be able to receive administration that accurately represents and reflects that which you are asking for. For many of you have been praying for wealth and prosperity and its success and yet only a few seem to possess this limitless wealth that all of you have rightfully asked for because of the contrivances and machinations that were put in place have convinced your mind that somehow these things are bad for you to have. That wealth, money, these things are bad for you to have. You have been taught to believe this for thousands of years, that wealth and prosperity are evil and those few that understand that it is not, benefit from your asking and your generosity, that all of this is being revealed now. The stage is set and no man can pull the curtain down but the creator itself, the creation is unfolding.’

We are being asked to turn our attention to us, individually, to start with the self. For this is the only place we need to put our attention too. Once we find our true self, the one you feel within you, from that place you can shine out your love, your truth, your peace, your freedom of being for others to see. It is not for you to change them but for you to show them the light within that speaks through your essence and that will fall on either fertile or stony ground, that is ok, it is not for us to be concerned about that, only about our part in this bigger picture of all that is.

Do you know who you are and why you are here?

Are you living your truth or the truth of others?

Much love. Namaste, Patricia xx

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