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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 072 – Be Here Now

Seems I wasn’t here now or I would have realised yesterday was Wednesday and another WWW was due to be written. However, as you know if you follow my weekly blogs, sometimes I have to wait a little longer to be given the direction that the ‘pen needs to flow’ for this week and so it doesn’t get posted on a Wednesday.

Wednesday night I was on a Zoom call with the PiMov group and ended up talking about how wonderful it was to have been able to be in a workshop about Eckhart Tolle’s book the Power of Now It is not an easy read so it was a great benefit that we were able to take out some time on Saturday afternoons and gather together to share the experience. It is not something I can achieve 24/7 but certainly during the covid lockdown days it has been easier for me to be in the moment and not rushing out here there and everywhere.

Now is our task to see what we do when restrictions are lifted and if we have learned anything from that time with ourselves. The planets at this time are in our favour as Neptune stationed retrograde June 23rd creating an unusual occurrence with six planets being retrograde at the same time. Although Venus ventures forward again today the others are creating an energy of going within ourselves. Retrograde is of course a perception from the human point of view, the planets don’t actually reverse their paths. The energy as seen from planet earth though is real enough. The energy of the outer planets such as Neptune is more about emotions than an aware mind. It is at home in being the ruler of Pisces and its current location of the cosmos.

This is an excellent time to ground ourselves, what better way to experience the being here now vibes of living. Try and find a way to consciously do the everyday things that we can take for granted; in it being something we do every day. Until . . . Well, we all know about that now for it is a worldwide situation rather than a pocket of disturbance in some far distant land which doesn’t affect us.

Release yourself from the stress of worry, for in the act of worrying we take negative energies inside of us and we can become ill from it. If we can be here now, not allow ourselves to think what if, or what about etc. but deal with what is happening right here right now then we will have an easier journey in life. Again, not something I can do 24/7 but with practice we can learn to let go of the things that do not serve us.

What were you doing before stopping to read this? Were you consciously doing something or working on autopilot? Little by little we can guide ourselves to be more conscious, to take time with the things that need to be done and spend less time worrying about the things that won’t bring the world to an end should we not be able to complete them today. For example, here I am again on a Thursday, and have been known to post on a Friday too, the Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms! I accept that there is more happening outside of the small part that I play in this world and therefore not to worry, not to let the ego mind dictate a necessity to me that is not a real necessity. No one has ever complained when I have not posted on a Wednesday. So, if I had allowed myself to worry about it, it would only have ever been in my head.

Recognise the facts of the thoughts we allow ourselves to experience. It is easy to blame another person when that person has no such thought in their mind, we just think they do. Now is time for you, time for you to go within and experience the truth of the thought patterns we allow ourselves to have, and, to change that pattern into more of a positive outlook. Are our cups half empty or half full?

The Shaman's Oracle: John Matthews & Wil Kinghan

It is important to focus on the self, we are responsible for ourselves, and if we don’t like what we see in ourselves then we cannot be surprised when others treat us in the way that they do that fits with that way of being. Yes of course it is okay to love yourself, but not the ego driven love, the unconditional loving energy that you will find deep in your heart where nothing else really matters other than that essence of love of all things. It would be strange not to have experienced one such moment in our life that stopped us in your tracks and we felt overwhelming love emotion. Or, have we been too busy pushing our way through life never to have experienced it? It is a feeling so sublime that it cannot easily be put into words. It is a feeling, a knowing an emotion felt by the whole body not just a thought in the brain.

Let us all try and be here now.

Namaste xx

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