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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 070 – Pressure, Guidance and Song

I know that today we are at WWW070 but with a little jiggle around it could be 007, and with todays ‘Pressure’ title it gives me a hint that I am writing about what is to be written today. I will let you make up your own mind of what I mean by that! Apologies if this is a bit subtle but sometime you have to be. I am so used to getting message in symbolic ways that here I am at it now!

My first inclination of what to write today was in out of the blue hearing the lyrics . . .’under pressure’! Who already knows what song I mean? Yes, Queen and the unmistakable sound of the voice of Freddie Mercury. So I go to listen to it while reading the lyrics and find that it fits exactly and know that I am ‘on the right track!’

Over the last couple of days I have been feeling a build-up of pressure and it is only now that it has got to the extent that it feels like someone has piled a library of encyclopaedias on my head. There is yet another storm brewing and we may have thunder and lightning again tonight but this feels like something bigger. Just what that is I am currently unsure – maybe that is all, but . . .

What is pressure to you? The ‘Word Synonyms’ as I type this, list for us: weight, heaviness, burden, compression, gravity, density, force and stress. Whatever one fits with you and how you are feeling currently, we are being asked to consider: Is this pressure being put onto us or are we accepting it? For, it is true, sometimes it is ourselves who put ourselves under that said pressure.

The second song I received: Let it Be – The Beatles. Three ever so small words but what weight they carry! Do you ever turn to Mother Mary in times of trouble? How simple the answer – let it be!

Finally, I am reminded that ‘Nothing Else Matters’ have you ever listened to Metallica? ‘Trust who we are’ the lyrics tell us, but, how many people on earth truly know who they are and allow themselves to be the uniquely wonderful creations they were born to be?

I search for further guidance and am drawn to these cards. I have chosen three and yet to look at them, trusting that they will be enlightening for us. First up we have Spirit of Truth: The depiction on the card looks like a mask. How easy it is to hide behind masks and untruths! The Spirit of Truth ennobles us in an aura of integrity. As we walk our chosen path, it helps us to measure our progress accurately, usefully punctures our self-delusions, and give us a truer understanding of anyone en-route who might offer us false security or seductive rewards.

Second card is Dancer of Inspiration: . . . shines the light of possibility on us. In achieving a moment of revelation we are also able to inspire others – one of the greatest acts that we can perform as human beings.

Last card is Ancestor of Skill: I stand for the artistry of life itself and can teach you how best to access the single most important skill of all – knowing the art of living. The artful and versatile soul can always find a way, not matter how wide or deep the chasm ahead.

Let us move our minds out of pressure and trust that we are capable to let it be. When it boils down to it, nothing really matters. But, life is for living and in living that life in the best way we can then we shine a light of inspiration out to others. We accept that it is never just about us but about everyone. We are all one and yet we all have our individual life to live. If it was not for those individual stems of grass we would never enjoy the luscious fields that collectively offer themselves up to us to see and understand the depth of what they are. There is great learning to be had from every single thing in life, we only need to drop judgement, study it and feel what we are being guided to understand by it.

Namaste xx

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