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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 059 – No such thing as coincidence -right!

Spouting, 'oh, it’s just a coincidence', was how I lived my life until I opened up to the greater energies that exist outside of the heavy physical life we live as humans. Now I call them synchronicities and the more you become aware of them and acknowledge them, the more you will see. Last week I shared the Venice story about Swans and Dolphins that two Amanda’s had posted about and today I was guided to share more.

I am currently participating in a WhatsApp daily Creative Challenge for Spring 2020. We are given a prompt each morning and from that we create something. It has been a delight seeing how others participate and share. It is something I am passionate about, I love to do things like this and it is an enjoyable diversion from the spiritual energies which sometimes challenge me fiercely. But, I know from that, that I will grow and be a better version of myself.

The other day the prompt was Castles – first post was a picture of a book cover, The Interior Castle by St Teresa of Avila translated by Mirabia Starr. Later in the day I received notification from the Center for Action and Contemplation offering an 8 week online course about the Interior Castle I have received notification yesterday that due to my lack of income they will let me do it for free :-) Ask and it is Given!

Yesterday I was drawn to pull one of the Divine Feminine cards (a new deck I have) and, yes, it was Teresa of Avila, Our Lady of the Interior Life. I trust the answers I find within me. I know that the presence of love is real. “God dwells in our soul. . . We ourselves are the castles.” . . . “the door of entry into this castle is prayer and meditation.” She believed that God didn’t care about the magnitude of anything we do – but rather the amount of love we do it with. How beautiful is that!!!

The lady running the course with James Finley is 'Mirabia Starr'. The other night when catching up with friends, I pulled a card for each of us again from the Divine Feminine deck. Out came Mira bia – The Saint of True Freedom. ‘Love is what sets me free. I am married to my own soul.’ There is immense freedom in knowing yourself and allowing yourself to be you. Use this time, if you have the opportunity and have extra time in your life, to look within you and reach out for support from others should you find you need it. There is a wonderful sense of regeneration of community around albeit in a virtual or distanced fashion.

I’ve never been so busy! Never fail to find something to do or create. Even down to baking which is something I have rarely done in my life but since the start of the year been feeling the need to do it! With my rising sign being Cancer (The Crab) I am very comfortable in my own space and often ‘crawl into my shell’ when I feel the need to do so. Making the most of being in lockdown, or as *Amanda Ellis calls it ‘Safe Harbour.’ It will be two weeks this Friday night and has now been extended for at least another week. [*Link for Amanda’s latest upload including a meditation ]

In closing I want to share with you the words from Melanie Beckler [] with her recent update for the new moon yesterday the 24th [which I have just read, multi-tasking again!]: ‘Now is the perfect time to reconnect with Love within. To observe your actions, patterns and responses to the energies of the present and be honest... Are you acting in alignment with your Truth? Are you Trusting the path of Life unfolding before you? And acting in alignment with Love now?’ Certainly seems a good time for me signing up for The Interior Castle course :-)

Lastly, back in week 17, I wrote about The Healing Power of Hope. I have just been sent a heads up that Oprah & Deepak have released another free 21 day meditation program - Hope in Uncertain Times. Now on day three. Access it at: Day two they quote:

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

Namaste xx

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