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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 049 – Duality

As the number 3 carries omnificent power I have been called to complete the last two weeks D’s with a third; so, today we look into Duality. Initially I am drawn to the three astrology air signs. It is obvious that the sign Gemini has duality as its symbol is twins. Libra has their balancing act of justice and Aquarius is influenced by the two planets of Saturn and Uranus.

In they tell us: The sign of Pisces is two fish, representing a yin and yang…that is, a dual nature. Duality was the thought system that emerged during the Piscean age. At its core was the notion that God and humanity are separated. Everything was viewed through the lens of duality - there was good and bad, right and wrong, us and them. . .

At the heart of Aquarius is the end of duality. Water symbolizes convergence, blending, flow. The God/human, us/them, power/force paradigms of the Age of Pisces are being replaced by an emerging experience of, and understanding of unity, oneness, and collective consciousness.

Wikipedia tells us that: The age of Pisces began c. AD 1 and will end c. AD 2150. I have not found any consensus with dates to these ‘ages’ but, as many planetary influences can be felt before and after exact e.g. conjunctions, it is no stretch of the imagination to believe that the Age of Aquarius is already beginning to be felt – 150 years being 13.333333333 etc. percent of 2000years. We are therefore currently in duality between these ‘ages’.

Each astrology star sign and indeed numerology has both positive and negative traits. It is our free will whether we let the good outweigh the bad or vice versa. We may be born with these ‘blueprints’ but we have the opportunity to work on the less desirable aspects and blossom in the areas that light up our lives.

Duality is part of life and it is part of our learning that facilitates us to ask for what we want/what we don’t want. It is said we could not know the light without the darkness. How could we know happiness without sorrow? All the energies in the world have positive and negative attributes; yin and yang.

As Abraham Hicks says: Only your inner being knows when you have accomplished the desire that is yours… It is your diversity, it is your variety that is the basis of all of our expansiveness. . . We are all reaching for alignment with our own inner being.

Also on this next video discussing duality Contrast is necessary for focusing . . . there is great expansion with contrast. Attendee’s question: Can we use another format to expand from without the use of duality consciousness? Abraham: Nope. Deal with it! . . . If you did not have something to give you reason to ask for more, there is no more! Eternalness depends upon this premise of expansion.

Lastly and by no means least I had great pleasure in listening to Rick Archer interviewing

Sebastian Blaksley. In 2013, he began to record messages from his mystical experiences. In 2016 he miraculously discovered A Course of Love and felt the call to devote himself to bringing it to the entire Spanish-speaking world.

In talking about both A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and A Course of Love (ACOL), Sebastian remarks: ‘Both are part of the oneness… His belief is that ACIM came to help use to use our mind and ACOL to help us move from our mind to our heart and to integrate both dimensions of what we are.

Duality makes us aware of the need of integration to move into oneness.

Namaste xx

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