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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 046 – Divine Feminine

Merry Christmas everyone. Regardless of religion, please take this sentiment as me wishing you joy of the season and happy holidays. Taking offense will live only in the Ego mind which needs to have everything the way ‘it’ wants it to be. Why? Because it can, unless you bring it back into line with the rest of your self, i.e. 33.3333333. . . percent mind, body and spirit.

The present from me to you today is just that. Know that you are a divine triplicate being and when in balance you are a force to be reckoned with – you stand in your own light, your own knowing.

What better day to celebrate the divine feminine, the day Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus. I was fortunate to be Mother Mary when, many, many years ago, I was in my school nativity. Little did I know then the journeys I would travel through life to where I am today. Yet, when I look back, there were so many signs back then. Like always getting the passages from Corinthians to read out a school assembly.

It was only when I learned to look within, in the last ten years that the real meaning of love has come to me. I step into my own divinity. I allow myself to be divine. I embrace love. I love myself, at last! The journey has been that which it needed to be and I hold no ill feeling to the troubled times but embrace them now for I see that they led me here – to knowing unconditional love. Yet, I am human, I may not always get it right, but, that is okay. The awakening has happened within me.

Divine feminine energy lives both in men and women, as does masculine energy. Astrologically we are moving from Uranus in Aries (masculine) to Taurus (feminine). This is just one of the signs of the energies at play around us now. It is not by chance that we evolve in the way that we do. It is, however, due to where we are at on our journeys as to whether we embrace the positives offered up to us or stay in the dark negatives. We have freewill, it is our choice.

It is by no coincidence that at the beginning of my guided meditations I was given the process of pulling unconditional loving energy up from Gaia and letting it fill every cell of our human bodies. We have been doing this for most of this year and it was not until I listened to a podcast that talked about it as the energy that is being ‘beamed’ to earth from the cosmos that I realised I was on point with it. Love it when I read about something after it has been ‘given’ to me.

Through this more nurturing, organic way of being we will learn to live in a more loving and embracing way of being. I have seen it written that this new way of being will not be able to co-exist with capitalist societies. Nor should it. Is it not wrong that people in the world should starve while others live in excess? This is not saying that people shouldn’t be rich but we surely need a better balance. When the ruling masculine can open to the feminine energy, they too will understand the want, the natural need, to succour those in need. The Ego driven ‘me first’ is replaced with the heart knowing ‘me first’. A much gentler and more inclusive way of being. We allow ourselves, for ourselves, to love us first. In that knowing love, we find a deeper love that extends beyond the individual, to all of life. We move out of fear and the need to ‘protect’ into a state of being, just being, being in love with who we are and all around


Again I have spoken in the past about choosing those you wish to be with. If you know your own human capacity of being then you will not be the lamb that lies down with the hungry lion – why would you? We need to be here, to be able to share knowledge and knowing then allow others to make their own minds up, when they are ready, if ever. It is not for us to try to change the world but to change ourselves one at a time. Then, like the ripples of a pebble dropped into water, we will see the ‘organic’ growth of that, at its own pace – not driven by me, you or anyone else. Feels good :-)

We do not meet anger and angst with more of the same but see the troubled path being journeyed and engage with unconditional love, sending that energy out to increase an awareness that there is a different way to live, outside of fear. The planetary movements forewarn of difficult times ahead in our progressive 2020 but, if we can live in love, if we can lift ourselves out of the way of being that those in power would have us believe is the only way to be, then, we can have an easier journey. Watch nature, embrace its guidance and go easily through your days as your eternal being continues to grow in grace.

Namaste xx

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