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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 044 – Control / Helplessness

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

In the café pre Guided Meditation meetup, a mother came in with a buggy leaving it facing in the opposite direction as she went to the counter behind where I was sitting. Not a stranger to the place for I have seen them here before on a few occasions. I felt the angst of the child as he almost tipped the cart over in his need to see where his mother was; though, still in ear shot, if in fact he could hear. Grandmother then arrives, comes in and soothes him for a moment but she too walks to the counter abandoning him for a second time.

I feel ill thinking of the helplessness of this child, strapped into his buggy, unable to move or even to communicate: ‘Please don’t leave me alone like this, I am helpless, I need you to be my everything until I am capable of doing it for myself!’

All these children [and those in a similar position] can only trust that their parents or guardians will treat them right.

Some children are very relaxed. Are these children cared for in a more demonstrative way or are they able to connect with an inner knowing; everything will be okay?

Did I really pick up on the anxiety of the child or have I found something previously hidden deep within me?

Was I ever in such a position? Is this where my independence grew from and the root of the strength I have today? How much nurturing and assurance should we give to the ‘helpless’? Is it unkind that even a moment’s insecurity should be visited on them?

How would we feel, if it was us?

The song by The Lumineers - Ho Hey plays out around me– ‘I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart.’ Do we ever really ‘belong to anyone’? We entrust our souls into the family that we are born into. We return to learn more about life and living as a human with free will, about creativity and growing which in turn expands the Universal Energies, Source or whatever you would call ‘it’.

Yesterday morning I happened on a Gregg Braden video about the heart and how it has been proved scientifically in 1991 that our hearts have memory.

By Thomas Dahlberg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Within the video he mentions that ‘a tribe in South America, the Kogi, when the young children are born their emphasis is on developing the thinking, the feeling and the memory of the heart first for a period of years. Then they are immersed into the world with all the physical activity to engage their thinking mind but they learn about the world of their mind through their heart; where, we are conditioned to learn about the heart through the world of our mind.

. . . from the womb until we are six years old we are in a hypnogogic state that immerses us like a sponge to take in everything that is happening around us.

. . . it takes up to three days to grow a new neuro network that will allow us to embrace the new things that we have asked ourselves to embrace that we can become better people and create a better world. We trigger the whole thing consciously, at will, on demand in a way that no other form of [known] life can do.’

So, as much as we have all been that helpless baby, now, today, right here, right now we can change the world one person at a time. No more looking outside of us, no blaming anyone else. We have the power, we can do this! Let us stop complaining about and adding to the negativity that is in the world but see the beauty therein and know that it is only a small percentage of the world that is corrupt albeit a large reaching section.

We too can be far reaching through the power of the heart and mind in union.

No man is an island’ - quote from poem by John Donne.

Namaste xx

Woman/Baby Image by Mircea Iancu from Pixabay cropped and added to blue background by me.

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