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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 042 – Adapting, Allowing, Accepting

Image by Faissal Aghsaine from Pixabay

Let me add another ‘A’ and apologise for not getting this posted on Wednesday but maybe the message having taken an extra day (or two) to A-assimilate will be A-acceptable to you A-all ;-)

Being immersed in some computer work which had my nose glued to the screen most of Wednesday and late into the night/early morning, I finally got my daily card posted around 6am. So, please do not A-admonish me for not being on time with this. A-as it happens, it has changed what I was going to be writing A-about.

Today we are being asked to expand our awareness [yeah, I guess you have had enough of that one – A ;-)] and allow ourselves to learn to become attentive to when we let learned behaviours rule our lives rather than allowing the true us to emerge.

So last night I ass-u-me(d) the work I was doing was needed immediately. Now I find that what I did was not useful, did not make any difference to the difficulties being experienced .

In the past I would have blown a fuse. Now, I see it as an opportunity to again learn not to ass-u-me that my [amazing] assistance is required there and then. How often do you hear me explain - ‘you need to ask’! So, why don’t we? The ego mind, as much as it is a useful part of who we are, also causes us many growing experiences in our lifetimes. ‘We think’ this, we think that, then if we just did, or maybe, because we could, couldn’t we? Hmmm :-(

Know the feeling? Who has not been there! I often quote the Serenity Prayer but does anyone know how I could imprint it into my psyche so as I did not have these ‘mindless’ moments when I lose myself to my overzealous ego?

Today I allow myself to be aware of how far on the road less travelled that I have journeyed and my heart swells with joy for the abundance of support I have received along the way. Some people will never understand their part in my path to who I am now and who I will be but I am grateful for all who have syncopated with me throughout my life.

Learning to become aware of when we have destructive thoughts that do not serve us is a first step into finding the balanced you, the mind, body and spirit you, the person who has lived many lives [even in this one] and who has soothed and loved their inner child and know, it was nobody’s fault but ours; fault maybe not quite the right word here but I hope you get what I mean.

Have you started? Began to step into the ‘real’ you, to the fullness of yourself in its divine triplicity. We are so much more than what a dictatorial, un-awakened populace would have us believe that we are. I do not castigate them for I know that they do not know what they do as I did not know what I was doing in the past. It is all part of the journey and it is the journey that is off the most importance – not the destination. Any destination is also the beginning of a new pathway, road, lane, avenue, whatever you want to call it but be assured it will have your name on it.

Well, maybe I will slip in just one more ‘A’, cause, as I am typing this I am listening to Molly McCord’s Monday podcast on YouTube [I’m a bit A-ambidextrous that way] but no doubt guided to share the following and encourage you to listen to the complete post and also read the notes below it on YouTube.

Jupitar is currently conjunct with the galactic centre before heading off on its almost twelve year long orbit. The astrological and universal energies are asking you to get to know yourself and have trust in the universe . . . It is a receptive energy with Venus currently in Sagittarius which will give you a realignment of your beliefs of abundance and what is possible in your life. A powerful time to set your intentions for what you want in your life. Come into alignment with sense of love for yourself [remember the phrase I was given – It’s not Hollywood love but it is Universal] because you are supported beyond that which you are probably even aware off at this time.

Namaste xx

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