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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 041 – Jumping Through Hoops

Tech Circle - Image by xresch from Pixabay (which just happened to have 233 likes ;-))

Today I have been *‘running the gambit’ with regard to updating my UK address and signing into various official services. Being abroad it is too difficult to phone UK ‘free’ numbers so I try to do most things by email. I consider myself to be ‘computer literate’ having been involved with computers most of my working life, however, I am not up on the ‘game playing’ thought processes that most programmers now creating these sites appear to employ. It definitely appeared that I was going round in circles for the best part of the hours I was navigating the processes.

A few days ago, thinking about today’s post, I was drawn to open my copy of A Course Of Love – ACOL and, as it fell open on page 448, which just happens to be the first page of Chapter 8, I took that as a sign that this was indeed where I needed to be. You know I love numerology and having 8 appearing to me often at the moment for one reason or another it, for me, is just another sign that this is right. ACOL explains about the difference between the heartfelt knowing in comparison to the mind. “The Territory of Conscious Awareness.” Now, as I re-read the title to chapter 8, I have a little giggle to myself as I find I am very much consciously aware today of the ‘territory’ the hoops I have been jumping through. I have also been very aware of not putting any negative energy into that but steadily working through the necessary interactions no matter how ridiculous they appeared. No point in making a mountain out of a molehill, right? It was what it was and I did what I had to do, end off. On one of the sites they very kindly asked for feedback which I happily gave them.

How often in life do we make things more difficult than they need to be? Can we learn to, as Eckhart Tolle calls it, be the observer and step away from the immediate energy, seeing the bigger picture. What is it you are trying to achieve? What do you need to do to achieve that?

Is there anything that you can do, here, now?

It has been a major gift to humanity that ‘Mindfulness’ is now a recognised ‘therapy’ having been studied by Universities in the USA. If you get the chance to do this then I can highly recommend it. We tend to live in our minds, ‘thinking’ our brain is all that is to being the human beings that we are. But, the mind, the brain, likes to make up stories. It gets bored

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

and is more than happy to offer you lots of different scenarios on what you should do, here, now. I can’t say who it was that quoted that ‘you should treat your mind like a faithful servant’, for me this summed it up well. It is there to do a job for you but do not let it ‘overstep the mark’!

I talk to mine, I ask it to keep my body well and not to bombard me with ‘stories’. If I become unwell then I question it, is it doing its job to the best of its ability or does it need to refocus? These stories are nothing to do with the creative stories my Writers mind is more than happy to work on – there is a difference, I ‘know’ there is, I can ‘feel’ it! Having travelled a spiritual development route, I learned the difference of messages from out-with the mind. This gave me an understanding of the minds capacity to ‘rule’ us. Prior to then I can hand on heart say that I thought ‘I’ was my mind, that it was 99.9% of who I was. Now it has been demoted to 33.3% alongside body and soul; the divine triplicity of the balanced being that we are.

So, do you feel you might start by dropping out of the unnecessary energies of the ego self and learn to feel and know the heartfelt energies that serve you better? Maybe you could start with meditation. Why meditate? This is why. It stills the ‘monkey mind’ to give us the space we need to connect through a deeper connection, the heart. Eventually, to your higher self, your soul. We are all capable of doing what I do and yes, it is ok to have the connection and choose not to ‘use’ it; work in that area. Some people enjoy servicing their own car but not everyone wants to be a mechanic. Once you open yourselves up to the freedom of being ‘connected’ to being your full self, life will take on a more meaningful reason for being; finding your life purpose and truly ‘living’. This is only the start, the beginning of a different kind of life journey, if you are ready to embrace it.

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ACOL 8:12 ‘. . . step through the doorway. Take the first step outside of the known reality of your conscious awareness, the learned reality of your separate consciousness, and into the realm of shared consciousness.

As we were only four at my guided meditation group here in Barcelona yesterday, I was able to allow myself a bit of a journey too. It was divine.

The main energy stepping forward for me was Mountain Lion. Those of you who know me will know that I have worked with the Native American Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson for some thirty years or more and when I first ‘stood up’ in spiritualist churches to give out messages the image of an animal would appear in front of the person to receive the message. The book that accompanies the Medicine Cards, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of the Animals, tells us that Mountain Lion carries the energy of Leadership, a very difficult power totem as it places 'me' in a position to be a target for the problems of others. The perfect justification for the insecurities of others. On the other hand it gives me the ability to lead without insisting that others follow. All beings are potential leaders in their own ways. If Mountain Lion has come to your dreams, it is a time to stand on your convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you. . . . The first responsibility of leadership is to tell the truth. Know it and live it, and your example will filter down to the tiniest cub in the pride. . . Responsibility is no more than the ability to respond to any situation. Panic is not a part of this sacred medicine. I just realised in photographing the card that it is the number 17 = 8!!!

So, I step into that power in e.g. disseminating these words today. Not preaching to you but sharing my journey and explaining why I do what I do because I truly believe in a greater life beyond that which the percentage of humans believe is human life.

*for the wordsmiths out there I do not mean gamut! In my learning gambit is the word I choose to use, as in strategy.

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