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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 040 – Moonology

Ology – science, topic of study, knowledge. Today I bring your attention of an ology to honour our wonderful satellite, the moon.

What causes us to forget the old ways that carried such useful guidance in how life was lived in harmony with Nature? No, not everyone has forgotten but there has been a shift in humanity that has occurred, some would say naturally in itself, yet, has led us to be in a world where stress and ill health is such a huge pain to humanity let alone drain on public finances, and so I question: Is that type of world the right kind of world for us to live in?

Usually, at the back of the driving force of whatever subject that creates stress, angst, anger, hatred, there is someone trying to make money out of someone else; and/or using their power in a coercive way. We need to be stronger in our own power not to let that happen, if indeed it is not what we want; not right for us.

Thich Nhat Hanh - plumvillage.com 2014 UNFCCC

Who is it that disarms us from our own power other than ourselves? It is so easy to blame someone else. We have though generational realities of how to live life ingrained into our subconscious from our families and friends and now an ever increasing gambit of technology from film and television to Netflix/YouTube etc. and podcasts that tell us ‘this is the way to be.’

Is it just me, or is something calling to you too to experience a simpler way to live life? Is there a ‘self-destruct’ energy in the kind of blinkered life a huge percentage of Western people have learned to live life?

It surely does not feel sustainable nor a happy place to be. It feels to be honest like hell in the making and living of it; where the perceived needs are driven by someone else telling you what you need rather than knowing what is right for yourself.

As ever I do not have the answers to the questions I pose but give these questions as in planting a seed to spark some germination that may in some way find the unique you within the persona of the person you are living as today who can answer me. Can you hand on heart tell me that you are living a life that you want to live, doing everything you want in a way

you want to do it? A life filled with love and joy not as an occasional visitor but as the Holy Grail of how life should be? [Love in the sense of unconditional love, as in Universal – not as in Hollywood's portrayal of love and romance.]

We have had some strong days of energy around us with Remembrance Sunday – lest we forget those dear souls who died for the greater good. Followed this year by the 11th day of the 11th month – 11 being a master number in numerology and also seen as a gateway to the greater consciousness of all that is. Then we had the full moon yesterday, the 12th, 13:34 GMT. A natural occurring lunar cycle that holds within it the wisdom of the ages now lost to those who rely on technology rather than handed down folklore/knowing. The full moon shines extra light out into a dark world.

A friends Grand Daughter was visiting recently and was amazed that Grandma didn’t have an Alexa! “But Grandma, you could ask her all sorts of things like what the weather is going to be”. She could not understand the answer she received “I just need to look outside, up to the hills.”

I am not against change, indeed, I fully believe change is what life is. We have the moon and stars to show us life changes. We have nature and the seasons to show us life changes. When did we believe it is okay to not change? What insecurities led us to believe we needed to stop this natural flow? There is nothing more beautiful than being able to synchronise with the flow of all that is. I am filled with gratitude that I have been open minded enough to accept it and able to experience it through the many synchronicities that appear to me now, affording me a beautiful way to live life.

There is a way to live life which is so simple that many cannot accept the simplicity of it and that is to

‘simply be.’ That does not mean to live simply, as in that there is enough wealth in the world that we could all live a comfortable life. There is a saying that my poverty does not lead to your wealth or something similar to that. The way forward is to bring positivity into the world and that starts with each and every one of us, it starts within you and within me. Are you ready to embrace a new world, a new way to be? If you are ready these words will have stirred something inside you.

If you have reached this point and you think what I am saying is tosh, rubbish, garbage, that is your choice. I know what I know, I feel the energy of it, I synchronise with it and I want you to feel it too. You are human, you have freewill, and so do I.

Much love, Namaste, Patricia xx

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