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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 037 – Taking Back Control

This and Black Cloud Images by John Hain from Pixabay

Relaxing on the bus heading into town yesterday I was made aware of how we need to take back control of how our brains constantly jump to the negative instead of easing our lives through positive thoughts.

There was a small truck broken down in the emergency lane and a back-up truck pulled in behind it. The drivers were unloading a full load from one to the other with a small pallet truck. How do you think you would have felt if this was you?

Yesterday I posted on Facebook that we were due to have a thunderstorm from 2pm until around 7am the following morning. Thankfully the day was bright and sunny. Thankfully another truck was available and the other driver was able to assist. Then we have to give thanks for the possibilities of things that could have happened, possibly worse than this, should this hindrance not have already stopped him; if he hadn’t broken down. Sometimes we never find out the whys in our lives but once we release control and give it over to the universal energies then we find a sweeter flow of life.

Start looking for the positives when something seemingly negative drops by for a visit. The more we move out of the negative and into the positive then it can only get better for us. As a human race we have not been able to release from the Stone Age fight flight responses that are imprinted into our psyche. We are now 21st Century citizens. Surely we have developed beyond the out-dated old model? An example would be in the stopping distance of a car made e.g. back in the 1950’s to one made today. Or, imagine if you had to have a man with a flag walking before your car as you made a journey!

We still need to be able to ‘tune-in’ to our intuition, to respect the ‘knowing’ that keeps us from harm but today, let us make an intention to start working on the negativity. Start to take charge of these thoughts that pull you down and upset you. Start to focus on a happier thought. Slowly, as you continue to adopt this attitude then you will begin to see a positive change in your level of happiness. We are in control or, at least, we can be if we make the effort. You decide whether it is worth it or not!

Let us ban the ‘what if’s’ from our vocabulary along with the ‘could have’s’ and ‘should have’s’. Just recognising when you say these is making a start. Try keeping a tally of how many times you find yourself saying these and work on reducing them.

Can we also move on further, to address the ‘need’ for things we think we need? We can put ourselves through so much worry and pain because we haven’t got the latest upgrade for xyz. This pressure is not from society per se but from the people trying to sell the latest gadget. It is horrible also to think of the duress those workers are put through to continually beat targets. Is it realistic to think that this is constantly possible, you tell me.

Without peer pressure, without succumbing to the media adverts or news stories:

  1. What do you need to be happy/what does happy mean to you?

  2. What do you need to survive the life you are living?

  3. What do you need to ‘not’ be poor/what does poverty mean to you?

Heading to Pune 2007. Taken from the bus.

One of the happiest people I have engaged with in my lifetime was a mother, living on one of the waste tips in Mumbai.

I did not photograph her as it felt wrong and yet the picture of her will always be with me. She and others opened their arms to embrace these strange people who descended upon them.

The children were playing, jumping into a pool of water, as happy as you can imagine a group of carefree kids on a sunny afternoon, cooling off.

They did not perceive the dangers of the chemical laden liquid that coloured their skins in a film of oils and other unknown refuse.

There but for the grace of God, some would say. Was this an awakening moment for me, to realise we don’t ‘need’ as much as we think we do to survive?

I am not suggesting poverty for everyone, as noted last week: My financial decline will not elevate the impoverished. Instead, let us change the poverty driven minds to one of knowing that there is enough wealth in the world for everyone to have a decent life/living.

Will we ever be able to attain this?

Who knows? What I do know though is that it won’t happen if we continue to live in negativity.

Namaste, Patricia x

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