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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 035 – Right or Wrong, Does it Really Matter?

On calling up my log of WWWs, I find that last week I miss-numbered it. Is that a big deal? No one corrected me, if anyone read it or noticed it. I was going to write about something else today and then this called to me to be explored further. How often do we ‘get in a tizzy’ about

things of no great importance because we see them to be wrong?

Image by waldryano from Pixabay

As I am typing this I am having a ‘getting it wrong, putting it right’ chat on WhatsApp with a friend re meeting for lunch on Saturday. Confusing, but we got there in the end, well, with the arrangements that is ;-). This signifying to me that I am on the right path discussing this today.

So, does it matter that last week I forgot to change the number of my blog to 034 instead of 033? There are times in life when this kind of small error could be catastrophic but thankfully I am aware that, for me, it is no big deal. When we can stand in our own power we can make these decisions.

Unfortunately, there are those in this world that would use this kind of circumstance to bully and blame, making mountains out of molehills for their own gain and usually due to some inadequacy within themselves. Back in week 019 I wrote about: Allowing other people to influence the way we feel. We all have to learn to put ourselves first from the unconditional love point of view. For me, this does not mean to e.g. unconditionally love abuse. We can understand that the person abusing is ‘lost’, unable (for whatever reason) to stop themselves from hitting out at others. We can feel unconditional love for them in that they are in this ‘state’ in their life. But can we unconditionally love the abuse? For me that is a major NO! For me, that is a Wrong. How we then ‘deal’ with those wrongs is the main issue here.

If we find ourselves being ‘stirred into hatred’ for these injustices, then we lose our connection with unconditional love. We go backwards into the history of life on earth; the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth view of being. Have we not travelled beyond this kind of understanding of how life should be, here and now, the 21st century? The powers that be would have us believe just how ‘dark’ life currently is. However, maybe we need to be thankful for that, for that wrong has stirred an uprising of people who are disquieted, uneasy with that assumption and are reaching out for a better way of being. This is not a political party, nor any kind of group but a meeting up of like-minded people who are willing to search within and make a change starting from themselves first before gathering into a collective.

The Guardian Angel Oracle - Chrissie Astell

Have you felt this call to be something more than you currently are on an existence level?

Have you felt a calling, a stirring within that knows there is more to life than the ‘petty squabbles’ i.e. the need of one person to prove another wrong, while the issue still remains, regardless of who is ‘right’ or not? What is justice if we continue to follow the same old patterns again and again?

Is it not time to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, drop the egos and open our hearts to a new way of being, a way that is worthy of this century?

In three months’ time we step into the third decade of 2000. What have we learned from the last ten/twenty years and how can we, individually, progress to make positive changes in the years, decades and centuries ahead? Let us do what we can, trying where possible to do the right thing, the right things for us, the right thing for humanity and indeed, the right thing for this glorious planet that is the Earth.

Namaste, Patricia xx

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