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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 033 –Family and Friends rumi quotes

The weeks have winged me westward to the land of my birth. How quickly the time moves on and soon I will return to sunny Spain. It has been an all too quick visit as always and unable to visit with everyone I would like to see again. This visit I have spent extra time with my mum. At 94 we are so blessed to have her still with us and to also have her sister and all of my four siblings to connect with. Thankfully with the internet we can remain in contact when I am not ‘local’ and we even get to see each other albeit on a screen rather than in person.

When I look back over my life there have been so many family and friends who are no longer in my current life. This is how life is. Life is all about change and how we surmount the difficulties and learn to live in joy and peace. There are some who hold a special resonance (some may call this Karma) and in this I believe that we have known each other before and have had further challenges to work on this time round.

The world tries to fit us into one size fits all ‘boxes’ while most of us will always be the round peg in the square hole. This challenges us to either fit in or be strong in self; strong enough to be who we are and not what others want us to be. Also to not try to change others because we are unhappy in ourselves. If we feel that need, then it is pointing to something in within us. I am not saying we have to accept e.g. violence, anything that is unlawful is just that and needs to be put in the hands of the authorities. When we can find the energy of ‘it doesn’t matter, nothing really matters’ then we can move on in life into an easier way of being. We always have our freewill, our choices to make, but do you know who you are or have you taken on the persona of family or friends who have a stronger way of being in this world?

Today I draw a card from my friend’s pack of indigo Angel Oracle Cards and receive the card ‘You are Special’. Now I can receive a warmth inside me, a blessed feeling that accepts this while knowing that each and every one of us are special in our own unique way. So different to my past that had the Scottish rebuke constantly ringing in my ears. ‘Who do you think you are anyway?’ I found it difficult to shake off this abusive bullying attitude that ‘kept me in my place’!

I have learned to stop listening to humans who insist on how things should be done ie their way (while continuing to be lawful of course) and now listen to my intuition and connection to the greater power which I call Universal energies.

The card guides me as follows: You may be wondering why it is that Indigos are extremely passionate about their opinions. Why do they have such a hard time holding in their feelings? Well, they were built to never back down in the face of adversity and imbalance. Indigos have incarnated at a crucial time in Earth’s and humanity’s history, to help ensure the survival of both. You are one of these people. This is a very special role in our world, and this card asks you to be aware of that. There are 44 cards in the pack and I gave them a very good shuffle. This is the one that stood out of the pack for me today and I take this as guidance I needed to hear. I have used and still use various packs to help me receive messages I need to be aware of. The cards have been special friends to me through my troubled times. In those times it was always easier for me to accept the ‘innocent’ words of the cards than a possibly biased guidance from a human. No one walks in our shoes except ourselves.

Find the strength in yourself to be the very best of you. Use the tools available to receive guidance to support you in this life journey that you are on be that tarot or oracle cards, astrology, numerology etc.

To all of my family and friends, I love you, thank you for being in my life and thank you for enabling me to live my life.

Be grateful for whoever comes, for each is sent as a guide from beyond... Rumi

Namaste, Patricia xx

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