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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 011.2 (2 for 1) God Fearing – Fear of God

What an abomination of a saying! No wonder people have turned away from God.

When I first started down the spiritual development route I found the name ‘God’ difficult to accept. In my experience of religion as a child I was confused with the duplicity of the teachings e.g. that we should fear God and that God is Love! Why should you fear love? It made no sense to me. Many of the teachings and those dictating the word of God, to my mind, were hypocritical. I, like many, turned away from it.

What I found in the Spiritualist Church 2009 was something I had never experienced before leaving a church service – joy. The service included hymns and prayers and a presentation by a Medium who would share messages from family members who had passed over. Some so uniquely delivered that there was no question in imy mnd that what was being shared had to come from outside of human existence.

I believed in life after death but couldn’t equate that to the God I had been introduced to as a child and held a strong scepticism when receiving information via Mediums, my mind searching for ratiional explainations, scientific information etc – little did I know then where this would lead me.

In the beginning I transposed the word God to Great Spirit which was more comfortable for me to work with. The God that I had known was supposed to be feared. Great Spirit was wise and healing. Through working with Animal Medicine Cards I learned more about nature and natural ways of life. When developed enough to give out messages at Spiritual Church services I found the images of animals guiding me to the people who were to receive a message. My messages were not guided by information about dead relatives but healing and supportive messages for the recipients. My trust and faith in these energies have given me the best years of my life and a huge drive to share my knowledge with others open to receive.

Since learning to connect with universal energies my life has led me to a new appreciation of God. I truly believe that God or, universal energies, are unconditional love. Unconditional love in humans comes from the heart, not the ego; neither is it the ‘romantic love’ as portrayed by e.g. Hollywood.

If we first consider that this life we live is not the first and won’t be the last, how does that change the way you feel about living this life? Wouldn’t you want it to be the best version of you that you could be?

How different the life would be of many humans if we could drop the ego that causes harm, the part that strives to belittle fellow humans, and open up to the love in our hearts allowing our humanness to connect with our souls - the very essence of God. My belief is that the teachings of fearing God can only have been introduced by ego driven humans of little faith out to feather their own nests.

I wrote a draft of this yesterday, 23rd April, Saint George’s Day. Here in Catalunya they too celebrate Sant Jordi. The ladies receive a red rose (akin to our St Valentine’s Day) and the men a book.

Let us allow ourselves to learn to love ourselves first before we extend that energy into loving others. As I said before, don’t we want to be the best that we can be?

In recognising that we are all 'spiritual beings having a human existence' it gives us room to move from a closed-in negative belief of a small life into a positive and creative eternal existence.

Move out of FEAR

‘false evidence appearing real’ and into LOVE ‘live openly valuing everyone’.

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