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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 010 Raven Steals the Light

During a meditation at the end of 2017

I discovered that my life purpose is that of ‘Messenger’. My grateful thanks to Matt Taylor for his Ancient Meditations course where this appeared to me.

If I was in any doubt, the Universe was continuing to send me confirmation in many ways. Such as my first visit to the home of a new friend where I was magnetically drawn on repeated visits to one of three Inuit styled pictures. The one that held my attention turned out to be ‘Raven Steals the Light’ by Danny Dennis. I was blessed to receive the picture as a gift. Thank you Eve.

"Raven Steals the Light" This story is shared by many northwest coast nations. There was a time many years ago when the earth was covered in darkness…

This is the Magic of Raven/Sea Raven as I see it, having been ‘baptised’ in life’s lessons we take on that which has been ‘given’ to us and transmute it into something which can be shared with others.

Living on the Mediterranean I was not going to be denied my encounters with Ravens:

‘The name cormorant comes from old French and translates as ‘sea raven.’ In several Dreamings, Cormorants are linked with the release of fire. It is due to inadvertently getting burnt and singed that these birds now have their black colouring.’ ‘Cormorant is comfortable in three elements – air, water and land. This can point to a deeper understanding of the different dimensions of reality and a heightened development of spirituality in a way which is grounded and ‘down to earth’, or practical and adaptable. Cormorants are messengers – be open to amazing insight.’

The iridescent magical nature of the Cormorant’s black feathers reflects this land bird’s ability to enter another dimension; to be part of it yet separate. In fact, Cormorant is a symbol of exploring the four levels or realms of existence, possessing the quality of adaptability.

What animals, birds or insects are you drawn to in your day to day life?

Cormorant photo courtesy of: Louis Deniel via Pixabay

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