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Wednesday Weekly Wisdoms 006 Whose reality?

Below you will find information on the last of three Supermoons in a row which is also consecutively the fifth and final full moon at 0 degrees and then there is the changing of seasons this week as we embrace the Spring Equinox.

In the past, the energies transmitted by these cosmic happenings would assist in guiding the lives of the people who worked on the land or travelled the seas. They still do to an extent but there is the culture of technology which iis taking people away from these natural ways of being. I am not saying that technology is wrong but I am saddened by the lack of compassion shown by people who have learned to live totally in their heads (ego).

How often have you travelled round a parking area following someone who is totally oblivious to the fact that you are there behind them; or walked up a street and the person in front stopped suddenly to look in a shop window and you either manage to avoid them (causing someone else to collide with you) or you collide with them?

Then there is the needless littering of land and sea. How heavy it makes my heart to see the thoughtlessness that has transpired in chucking litter out of a car or while out walking. (Quite ironic given that they live in their heads!)

We live on a beautiful planet and we have a responsibility to ensure it is kept that way.

What are your perspectives on how you are currently living your life?


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*** Our full moon thought for March *** Maybe some of you find yourselves currently in a life situation that requires a great amount of patience with yourselves and leniency with others. We can only experience what lies outside our well-known terrain when we approach our boundaries. It is not so much about what we imagine, but more about what lies outside of imagination what lends our life unexpected depth and perspective. And often this is only a few steps away … The exact time of the next full moon is: Thursday * 21 March 2019 * 2:42:52am CET - Central European Time (GMT 1:42) Moon sign: Libra 00° 09'


melaniebeckler@ask-angels.com It’s preparation time... The upcoming Equinox Full Moon on the 20th brings exceptionally strong energy of transformation. This energy is all about revealing where you're out of alignment with balance and harmony. So you can integrate, heal, and transform. Claiming the highest and best from the realm of Infinite Possibility in your life and stepping through the open gateway that is the Zero Point Equinox energy in order to anchor crystalline light. To harmonize with the most beautiful and benevolent possibilities for you. As Metatron channelled through me: “There is an opening, an energy gate, and there will be more. This is a part of restoring the divine blueprint for your world... Peaking on the progressing equinoxes, the crystalline energies that have lain dormant for so long are being activated.”

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