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03.10.2021 Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Sunday: Being sandwiched between two Wands cards I have a feeling that passions could either melt in the heat today, be watered down or flow in a destructive manner such as the Magna of the volcano on Palma. Fours are about foundation, stability and structure but I feel the bookend Wands have other ideas that may rock our safety, security or stagnation.

Being of water energy the Four of Cups is sometimes called the Divine Nudge card. It takes old emotion or habits and encourages us to move on, to move forward. We may find we have an unexpected ‘gift’ or something that comes to us in a way that appears to be a back-handed gift. However we receive this energy today it is trying to move us on and tell us that now is a good time for us to act. Let go of what needs released and listen to our intuition which will guide us to what is better for us. This may not be what we think in our head it should be but it feels much better than anything we could have thought. This card is linked to the Moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer which it rules and where it is at home. It asks us to connect with our emotions, to allow ourselves to be vulnerable (this is never, being ‘unsafe’!) to be open to seek stability at a time when all around us appears to be in chaos and yet, it feels like we need to challenge ourselves too. So maybe not throwing out the baby with the bath water but considering a different kind of bath. Which way/ how will we allow ourselves to be nudged today?

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