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24.07.2022 Page of Wands

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: Our second royal visitor this week and staying in the fire element energy of the Wands suit. We also have the earth element from the Page who brings in some groundedness for us rather than allowing the fire to carry us away. Pages are our messengers and are enthusiastic and youthful. They bring us a new opportunity or an invitation. Our Page of Wands is about new feelings. Sometimes called the card of the Free Spirit and also linked to a card of Rebirth/ the Phoenix Rising. The messenger of the cosmos bringing something new to us. Card of action and excitement, of heart and soul, of passion and starting something. Of being on the verge of something new, a breakthrough or an awakening. Something we may know without knowing why or how we know it. Of sensing it rather than thinking it. Linked to the planet Mercury and the earth element that it rules, the zodiac sign of Virgo. Mercury is about communication and perception, of rationalising and thinking. Of assimilating, insight, giving and receiving of information, practicality and rationality. Virgo brings us the balanced traits of assisting, bettering, enhancing, growing, helping, improving and organising.

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