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25.07.2022 King of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: We ended the week in the presence of royalty and they have stayed with us today being gifted with King energy. Kings bring us authority, leadership and protection. Kings have achieved the experience of all of their suit, they have travelled each step of the way and carry that wisdom within. They have the knowledge to grow and mature ideas through to culmination. Card of great achievement and dominance in areas of emotional and spiritual interest. Of paternal care. He knows how to bring happiness into his life and how to master his mind and emotions. Linked to the major arcana Death card i.e. Phoenix Rising which also links to yesterday’s card. Kings are of the fire element while Cups are of water. Today in astrology we have Venus Square Jupiter from Cancer to Aries. Heather Eland tells us that it is a: . . . ‘feel-good, fun, extravagant and indulgent energy . . . it is an energy of excess, and this could be a time when we are excessively optimistic when our circumstances call for a little more caution. . . The energies throughout this period are incredibly challenging and so the best way to use the energy is to get out of our heads a little bit and allow ourselves to still have fun. . . but be mindful to keep it in check and not overdo so much that you’ll later regret it.’

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