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Week commencing 22nd February 2021

Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

Week ahead: We start the week with a visit from a couple of royals - first cups then wands. There is four out of the seven cards this week that are cups so we are being asked to flow with the water element and our emotions. Can we allow our emotions to flow without holding onto any angst that comes with that? We are in Pisces season so let us embrace this energy that is around us now and benefit from it rather than suffer. If we are suffering then we are misaligned and need to change something.

Maybe it is just a passing phase or moment and we can allow it to work through us without judgement but being able to learn from it. We have a midweek visit from a major card which asks us to look at things differently and allow things to come to us in its own time, not in what we think it should be.

So, releasing, relaxing, allowing, being and trusting that all will be okay. Next Sunday’s card is about safety, security, stability. Rather than looking at this in the physical, how do these words fit with our emotions? Go with the flow, be you.

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