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Week ahead:12thJuly 2021:

Image by ATDSPHOTO from Pixabay

Another mixed bag week ahead that starts with a couple of days of three energy that numerologically would have us manifesting our desires. What are we longing for in our lives right now?

We have two major arcana again this week and another royal visitor after Monday’s Page, the messengers of the tarot. There is a strong feeling to the spread of this weeks cards that are once again asking us to go within, to find clarity with regards to self love (not ego) and therein the joy of peace. There is a wonderful place that we can all attain where nothing really matters and life can flow for us should we choose to let it. The major arcana amplify the energy for us with strong guidance and sprinkles of magic. A week that says to me, do not be disheartened that we may perceive that things are not working out for us, but, we cannot see the unseen, and there, things are moving! As Abraham Hicks puts it, we don’t have to see the electricity to know that the toaster will provide our bread toasted for our breakfast.

The week ends with a nod to the Law of Attraction and to getting what we need. So, have faith, let the needed journey of the week unfold for us all in its own way and in its own time. Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.comPatricia Jean Fleming Mediterranean Messages Website: YouTube: Messages Donations/buy me a coffee:

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