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Week ahead 5thJuly 2021:

Image by dom1706 from Pixabay

Continuing with Sundays Neptune in Pisces theme we have the first four days of this week presented from the suit of Cups – more water energy which is linked to deep feelings, empathy, intuition and nurturing. Cups are the second suit of the minor arcana, we have been through the passion of the Wands and now we connect with a deeper understanding of the journey we are on. Friday brings us to the end of a journey while Saturday asks us to balance our communication lest we be judged. Know our boundaries and commitments, if they are true to us then we flow but know that others may not be so agreeable. Sunday has us waiting for good things to come to us once more. Some things cannot be rushed. If the wind is fair then we will receive sooner but no matter when it arrives, the cargo is still the same! This week in astrology via sees the ‘Sirius gateway from 3rd to 7thJuly helping us to awaken, activate and elevate us to higher levels of consciousness.’ We also have the new moon in Cancer on Saturday 10th at 02.16 hours BST.

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