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Week ahead 2ndAugust 2021:

This week we have the cards coming to us as two major arcana, two wands, two swords and ending the week again on a pentacle as we had two weeks ago. We even have two sixes. Duality is the message that is coming through. Twos bring us the energies of balance, decisions and reconciliation. Also relationships – all kinds, yet as we have no Cups I would discount romantic relationships this week – we had plenty Cups last week! We start the week putting challenges behind us. The message last week guided us to move on from the crippling energy of procrastination. This week is giving us the opportunity to put that into practice. Can we meet the changes ahead, the new beginnings knowing we are supported on our journey? We are reminded to speak our truth, seek clarity, see the bigger picture. Open to creative energy at the end of the week and embrace our ‘can do’ attitude.

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