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Week commencing 1st March 2021

Week ahead: We start the week with the first of two royals and both queens symbolising the support of females or feminine energy that are close to us this week. The only suit not in sight is the Pentacles, earth energy, so as guided in Sundays card let us learn to be a little lighter with ourselves and others at this time. I am hearing the starting phrase of the beautiful Scottish song ‘Flow gently sweet Afton . . . ‘. This is a beautiful pace that would behove us to allow it to flow with us this week. Two fours bring us stability and foundation, however we also receive the nudge that says life is not meant to be static, learn to flow. A major arcana makes an appearance on Saturday bringing us more slowing down energy. I am reminded of the old Cadbury’s Caramel advert on UK TV that showed a rabbit relaxing against a tree savouring a bar of caramel filled chocolate. When was the last time you pampered yourself in such a way? Let us make the best of the time we have here and now to enjoy life; no, we can’t get too much of that, life should be easy and joyful. Let us expect to have such beauty in our lives. Sunday reminds us that there always will be challenging growth lessons for us on this life journey. The secret of flowing with that energy is how we allow those moments to define us or not.

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Image on my blue by John Hain from Pixabay

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