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Week ahead: 28th June 2021

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Among this weeks cards we have two major arcana, two aces and a royal visitor. The week begins again with us being asked to consider our perspective on things and try to understand an opposite or different view. Then we have choices and changes taking us through to new beginnings and a bright shining future ahead should we choose to embrace it. We are being asked to nurture ourselves individually, us first energy as noted in Sundays card reading at the end of the week past. This is not arrogance of being but being prepared to allow ourselves to be responsible for ourselves and allow ourselves to be the first person we look after. We are not saying that others are not important but we do need to learn the value of ourselves and that we have as much right to live and breathe as anyone else. Let us clear the air of any outdated forced conceptions that are wielded over us as the right way to be. We have choice and sometimes it is through our perception more so than having to change others.

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