• Patricia Jean Fleming

31.08.2021 Eight of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Tuesday: Heavy energy around as we move from August into September tomorrow, should we choose to see it that way! For the Eight of Swords is about not seeing the full perspective of situation(s).

It is about holding ourselves in negative energy which never serves us any good. This card is about learning lessons and adapting to circumstances. Eights are about continuum which is an unhealthy cycle when in the negative. The card depicts the swan trapped in the briar patch, seemingly surrounded by swords.

It sees no way out and yet there are breaks in the barrier should it choose to look for them. The hummingbird flying above, beckons the swan to join it in freedom and joy. Card of the planet Jupiter in the Sun sign of Gemini. We have six planets currently retrograde. Retrograde means when a planet appears to be moving backwards, however this is an illusion as all planets travel in the same direction around the sun. What illusions are we currently facing in life? Have we been able to identify them? Are we able to move ourselves from negativity that drags us down into a more positive outlook to assist us to experience a better form of living this life? We have free will, we can choose how we think. Remember, Jupiter is the lucky planet and Gemini is about communication. Let us trust that changing our perspective of how we talk to ourselves and others really can make a difference.

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