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30.12.2020 VIII Strength

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Wednesday: Another visit from our major arcana Strength card, last with us on Sunday. Do we need to have this reminder, this reinforcement guidance on the day when the last full moon of the year goes exact at 03:28 hours GMT? This full moon, known as the Cold Moon, is in its home sign of Cancer. Remember this card was originally known as The Mastery of Thoughts and we have received many messages from the recent card readings that ask us to get to know ourselves and be able to stand in our own power [not the mind led imaginations but the knowing energy]. The current astrology is telling us to let our feelings guide us as this full moon illuminates any adjustments that need to be made to our current plans and although we could receive some shocking news it will have a positive outcome.

It is a good time to celebrate and extend support to those who are currently struggling with all that is going on around us. When we take the fire energy of the card and mix it with the watery energy of Cancer then what we get is steam and now would be a good time to harness that energy.

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