• Patricia Jean Fleming

30.04.2019 – II The High Priestess

Tuesday: From rags to riches. Using the wisdoms you have gained to launch you forward on your current journey.

The serenity prayer^ plays through my consciousness.

Are you shedding your autumnal leaves, letting the winters icicles drop from your being, feeling yourself transcending, springing into a new way of being?

Have you embraced this ancient wisdom that has always been there hidden by the ‘powers that be’ so they could mould us into the ‘servants’ they wanted us to be? What servitude have you released yourself from today having gained the wisdom of who you are and given yourself permission to be that person?

As long as we do this from the best of intentions and not to hurt anyone in the process then this is the journey we can make if it is right for us at this time.

This is you exercising your free will of being human with Angels by your side.

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