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30.03.2020 – II The High Priestess

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Monday: Back to a run of four major arcana cards. Today we step out with the energy of the moon which happens to be the card that is coming up for us tomorrow and what this card represents astrologically.

A nice follow on from yesterday’s guidance as we are continuing to be encouraged to be our true selves.

Make friends with your intuition and if you hold memories that no longer serve you then use the magic of the moon to transform them into nothingness.

Be here now. Don’t allow yourself to be held back today from past history, it is gone, let it go and move on.

Flush the stream out into the river that leads to the sea and the vast oceans where one person’s memories hold no energy. Only our ego self wants to hold onto things that hurt us. When you burn your hand, do you keep repeating the process? Make peace with it. That was then, this is now. Step into your future.

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