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29.11.2019 – XIV Temperance

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: Today and tomorrows cards both jumped out of the pack so carrying extra energy with the messages.

The synonyms for Temperance are: Abstinence, Abstemiousness, Intemperance, Restraint, Self-restraint, Soberness, Sobriety and Teetotalism.

The temperance movement was/is a social movement against the consumption of alcohol. But the word temperance is more than about alcohol. Two opposite words, alcoholism or radicalism.

My own learning of the word was from the bible and that it meant moderation.

Where in your world has something been given more power to it rather than allowing the gentle free flow of things.

This does not mean we should live in a blandness but learn to counter the swinging pendulum that can take us to extremes. Where an extreme is not good for us physically, mentally or spiritually then we need to look within and understand why we put our self through these pressures. I’m not saying we should never experience it, but, I am saying we should never be controlled by it!

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