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29.09.2021 Seven of Swords

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Wednesday: Today we drop back into Minor Arcana energy for one day. Sevens bring us the energy of assessment, evaluation and reflection. We need to use these qualities as we look at today’s card. My name for this card is ‘Facing Barriers/Final Challenge'. It feels like we have surmounted six of the seven blocks on this journey and one remains. Blocks can be in our way to save us in delaying us. Imagine if there was a sheer drop beyond this final sword while off to the right there was an easy path. We are being guided not to rush in, to allow time to take its course and events to come to pass that are out with our control but which will serve us in the long run.

Go with the flow is very much the energy of now and the stance that serves us, to go easy in this world of chaos that appears to be going on. At least, that is what the media is feeding us. Meanwhile, there are other stories being told that don’t make the national press due to censorship. It is time for us to open our ears to all that is actually happening around us. Only what we can see with our own eyes or hear with our own ears directly can we know to be what we really know. It is a time to look forward not back even if we feel like an outsider in the world at large. Knowing is an underrated life skill that we are all capable of achieving, it is in our DNA. Let us be sensitive to this today [and everyday].

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