• Patricia Jean Fleming

29.07.2021 Page of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moon

Thursday: The Page is the first of the four royals of the suits. They are of the earth element and are the messengers of the pack; they bring us youthful enthusiasm. Still with the Cups suit today, the messages will reflect the water element of emotion, feelings and relationships. A card known as a Gift of Energy. Of new exploration. Knowing that any intense emotions won’t last forever, we are asked to intuitively focus on the positive aspects of life and living today and use our intuition to understand how we need to move forward at this time. Another card of new beginnings and can also be of fun loving energy. Can we relax and find some of that today? This is the day of the peak of the Southern Delta Aquariids Meteor shower. Meanwhile Mars enters Virgo and will be in that sign through to 14th September. Mars – planet of action, feelings and trust. While Virgo energy is one of being exacting and hard working. What projects need an injection of dedication to move them on? Or will we chance fate and set our wishes on the shooting stars? The Page is the eleventh card of the suit and today, the 29th = 11 also, bringing us master number energy to add to the mix such as insightfulness and introversion.

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