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29.03.2022 Five of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Tuesday: Yesterday we celebrated a victory yet today we are back in the doldrums [being in low energy]. We can let this rule us or accept that life has its ups and downs. If we are comfortable sailing through these natural flows of life then we can learn to ‘weather the storms.’ If we fear them, then we allow ourselves to call in negative situations towards us. What we think about we pull towards us, this is the ‘Law of Attraction.’ This card encourages us to shift out of our feeling of hopelessness or rejection. We can be all that we need to be within ourselves and anything else can be seen as ‘cherry on the cake.’ This is the power of positivity and we get to choose whether we lose ourselves in the uncomfortable dips or sail in the SS Positivity on top of the waves. To do that though we need to be dedicated to becoming aware of the negative thoughts that we have and stopping them in their tracks. Through persistence to work on this we can move ourselves into a happier place to be. This is our choice, our free will to allow ourselves a better way to live life. Card of planet Mercury in the second zodiac sign of Taurus, earth element. Mercury our planet of communication and perception. Of insight, thoughts and rationality. If we only think something then that is not necessarily factual!

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