• Patricia Jean Fleming

29.01.2022 Knight of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Saturday: A royal visitor today showing up in his shining armour and things are taking a turn for the better for us. We are able to work with positive change today (we just need to allow ourselves to do this).

We know that the energy of this will assist us in good ways. We may experience something solid in an offer we can trust. Opening up to new love, happiness and joy. An emotional connectedness. We may find ourselves seeking an understanding of emotional or spiritual interest. An offer, an opportunity, a happier direction which could be new love. Movement in romance, dating or socialising – our hearts jumping for joy. To experience this we have to allow it in. We will not get it if we hold ourselves in a cloud of negativity. Today, through friends, or at a gathering, in being social we may meet a new love or friend that we will love but we have to make the effort to be in a place to get it.

The Knights are in search of their suit. This being Cups it lends itself towards emotions, feelings and relationships. To connections and love. For today, Molly McCord shares that: ‘Venus [the love and resources planet]in Capricorn stations direct at 11 degrees while trining Uranus in Taurus.’ [Hmm, ‘trining’ = more three energy.] ‘We are supported in releasing ourselves from relationship patterns and soul contracts that we do not need going forward, but it is important to do so with gratitude for what you have learned along the way.’ https://youtu.be/N_Le95tm6Xo

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