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29.01.2021 VI The Lovers

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: My blast of Taurus energy yesterday was a lovely chat with my eldest sister. I go to write ‘sometimes’ but I am nudged to write ‘often’ what we are given as guidance is not what we expect, but is still accurate - she's a Taurus. Today with the Lovers card we can see it in different ways. The card was once known as the ‘choice’ card. Today, I hear the song ‘Love is in the Air’ so immediately we all think hearts and roses. However, Valentines day is a couple of weeks away yet. How about choosing to experience some self love instead? Now this self love is not from the ego mind, it is from an unconditional loving heart. Often we guide our friends not to be so hard on themselves then find ourselves doing the very same thing. Today give ourselves all the love we would bestow on those we love in our lives. We are allowed to be selfish, to put ourselves first. The only people that would make scathing comments about that would be because we are not pandering to what they think we should be doing, and, that usually means running after them! This is our second six in a row (six of pentacles yesterday) and it is said that two sixes mean we are on the right path; now that’s a lovely message to receive :-).

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