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28.11.2021 King of Pentacles

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards – Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: I’m very excited now, for I know what the next cards are and from the energy we have just had over the last few days, well, it just keeps getting better, but only if we allow it too. You see, we are in charge of our lives, we have free will, we have a freedom inside us that can lift us beyond the physical. Are we ready for some more pleasure today?

The top of the shop, the last card of the four suits of the minor arcana is also known as the Trust Card. Have we moved ourselves into a place that is looking beyond the pantomime that is playing our before us in the World today? Remember, Pantomimes are about exaggeration, about making things bigger than they are! Are we trusting that all will be well and concentrating on ourselves and then those around us where we can be of assistance to them? Today’s card it about going in search of what makes us happy, about security and solidity. How can we bring this into our lives today? Pentacles are of the earth element and kings are fire. This King is linked to the sign of Taurus which is earth while today I want to bring in Sagittarius for the fire element - possibly because we are currently in Sag’ Season. However, it is more, it is about adventure and not dimming our light in the perceived inability to do things. Let us use our creativity (fire element) and think out of the box to how we can make our lives better for us today. Maybe it will be by employing trust into our lives!

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