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28.08.2020 – Knight of Swords Reversed

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Pui-Mun Law & Moore

Friday: I relate to reversed cards having read somewhere that it is not the opposite to the upright cards but a delay in the energy coming to us. This feels right to me. So, today, the Knight of Swords shows up, or should I say blows in to be with us. Knights are Air energy as are the Swords; therefore double power.

This card is about finding clarity within ourselves or within any murky situations around us now.

The energy of the Knight is encouraging us to move forward. We can do that by blundering ahead, or taking time to listen and connect with our higher wisdom to guide us to a more successful result than anything we egotistically could arrange for ourselves.

Listen to what makes your heart sing and be not afraid to give it time to create what is right for you rather than ploughing in before the time is right. Employ patience with this current Knight's energy. When you least expect it is when we see the mountains move! Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn: Patricia Jean Fleming Mediterranean Messages Website: YouTube: Mediterranean Messages

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