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  • Patricia Jean Fleming

28.04.2019 – Eight of Wands

Sunday: Beautiful – today we follow on with the making wishes and sending them out into the Universe.

As much as there are people in your life that may be dependent on you then you have to apply the ‘oxygen mask’ scenario to your situation. Always, you first!

As I have said before, there are those in life who ‘put on us’ because they are insecure in their lives.

Allow yourself to be you, step into your own shoes and walk your own path. Anyone who is meant to walk beside you will be there without any ‘interference’ from you.

Accept and allow. Have faith in the unseen design of life that works through us and around us.

Let your wishes be known, the energies can react to our prayers and requests. They can only guide where we have not asked but in their knowing of what is best for everyone involved.

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