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28.03.2021 Four of Cups

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards-Mun Law & Moore

Sunday: The final four of our weekend sandwich brings us what is sometimes referred to as the Divine Nudge card. A card of emotions and vulnerability while seeking stability. It is about being stuck in old emotions feeling unable to move on. Time to let go and move on. To listen to our intuition more so than our thinking mind.

It appears for us on the day of the full moon in sun sign of Libra which is exact at 19:48 GMT. tells us re the current alignments that it is ‘known to be quite volatile as it tends to amplify the energy of the opposition . . . stirring up old wounds and insecurities from the past . . . emotions may feel raw, uncomfortable and exposed and awkward . . . seek balance and solace through our relationships with others.’

The Shadowscapes Companion book guides us to ‘tear our gaze away from our own reflection.’ Let us not get lost in our imaginings of what we think is currently happening around us and step into our known self, our own individual power of being us, unique and wonderful as we all are.

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